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I leave on a 12month backpacking trip in 2 weeks, first place is India + SE Asia for 6 months then heading to S.America for another 5 months. I have come to that time where i'm not thinking what and how many clothes to pack. I've come up with a list of what i'm planning on taking below and can anyone give any advice on if thats too much or not enough considering the change of climates?!

5/6 t-shirts
2 Vests
1 Shirt
2 Shorts (maybe worth 3?)
1 or 2 pairs on trousers? (recommendations please at first 6 months should be warm climates)
2 Hoodies, (will pick up some more warming wear before heading to S.America)
1 pair of sleeping shorts,
6 pairs of boxers
3 pairs of socks.

This has all got fit into my 45L rucksack with all my other bits of travel gear.

Any travellers i would love to hear your views and recommendations and what to add or chuck out?

Thanks in advance,


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I suggest you buy convertible pants/shorts. Have 2 pair and you solve the problem of packing just shorts. I bought 2 quick dry: underwear, socks, t-shirts, shirts. Wash them every night in the shower. Ready to go in the morn. This way you don't have dirty clothes in your bag and don't need a laundry every week either. Saves space in your bag and money.

I found this website and it maybe helpful. The packing video is worth your time IMO. Good luck with your planning.

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A lot of stuff you can pick up as you travel. You will probably benefit from a small carry bag too. If your backpack is too big the airline may have you check it in! You may want to carry it into the plane but some airlines may consider your pack too big. Have a smaller bag for your valuables, documents, passport, meds and other stuff you don't want pilfered. (Never store you pack away out of sight with your valuables still in it! Especially cash, passport and electronics!)

Have some D-rings sewn onto your pack so you can lock it when leaving it behind in your room. This won't stop the bag from being sliced open but it may deter a quick theft. (It is not always the hotel staff you must worry about it is your fellow tourists who will probably rip you off first!) You can use the smaller bag when walking around the city and on tours. No one humps a pack all day long when he doesn't have to!

One thing I always travel with for a couple decades now is a little electric coil device to heat up a cup of water for instant coffee or even tea or instant noodles. Looks like the device in the below link but you can get it cheaper. Do NOT pull this coil out of the water while still plugged in! If you do it will never work again!

I have used this coil in airports with long layovers, in hotels of course and even once on a train too!

Now is the time to plan on how you will have access to money! No one travels around with ten thousand dollars in cash, especially if you are staying in cheap places. I have debit cards that make withdrawals from my checking accounts when overseas. For debit card and credit card use you must first notify your bank that you will be overseas and what countries. This way you won't have a problem with ATM withdrawals.

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At least 2 pairs of trousers and 12 pairs of socks. Two pairs of shoes besides those you are wearing.

Where are you going in South America that is that cold?

T-shirts are generally sold everywhere, though quality may vary.

Do check the weather as to your destinations as presumably you want the best possible when you are in each place.

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Dom, yeah I'd pretty much halve what you've listed. Apart from the fact that that would leave you half a shirt, so go crazy and take a whole one. Keep bulky spare footware to a minimum, it's the biggest space hog in a pack.

The daybag advice is good - something you can stuff into the top of the main bag.

In many places you can buy any stuff you're missing cheaper than at home.

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will pick up some more warming wear before heading to S.America


Clothes are cheap in South America and you can buy what you need as you go along-or not.