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1. Posted by Tamo (Full Member 40 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Just found return flights from Bangkok to Phuket for less than 15 quid! Too good to be true?

Anyone flown with them before? Any advice?



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I've heard that they're really quite good. basically the aisian version of Ryanaire or easyjet.

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Yup, it's true. Flown them a few times last year. Prone to slight delays (+/- 10mins) due to the quick turnaround time for the planes.



"How it is possible for AirAsia to provide such low fares and still make a profit?"
Many people ask us this question when we first started! People are often curious because such a service has never been available in Asia before and the concept is new here. The answer to this is that AirAsia uses new and innovative cost optimizing techniques such as quicker turnaround times and maximising of flight utilisation for our aircrafts.

We realized that it was possible to optimize the cost of traditional air travel while continuing to maintain the most important elements: Safety, Service and Schedules!

Here is a very simple fare explanation.
All fares are quoted one way to allow guests the flexibility to choose where and when they would like to fly. AirAsia does not stipulate any restrictions to qualify for the cheapest fares; thus our tagline "Now Everyone Can Fly".

Our fares are based on supply and demand and prices usually increase as seats are sold on every flight. So, the earlier you book, the cheaper the fare will generally be. Our booking system continually reviews bookings for all future flights and tries to predict how popular each flight is likely to be.

But, we will never offer low fares at the expense of what's important: the best pilots, ground staff and maintenance crew! We have them and we're very proud of them!


Fares can be offered at such good value because of the following reasons:

Ticketless. Traditional tickets cost a lot of money to print process and deliver to the guest, by saving on these costs it allows us to pass these savings to you. Instead of tickets, we will provide you with an itinerary which include your booking number, payment and travel details upon completion of your booking. During check-in, you only need to mention the booking number and must present your identification card (IC) or passport for identification purposes.

No frills. Under the "no-frills" service, there are no complimentary meals or drinks. Instead, AirAsia guests are given the choice of purchasing a variety of mouth watering and yummy treats and drinks on board at a surprisingly low price.
(In view of the region's diversified culture, AirAsia does not permit outside food and beverage to be consumed onboard.)

One class, free seating and boarding. Additionally, AirAsia operates a first-come-first-served boarding system that allows you to choose where you wish to sit once you are on board. AirAsia adopted this policy so that you are encouraged to board the aircraft early and avoid guest related delays. Of course, AirAsia's boarding procedures allow provisions for the elderly, handicapped and families with children to be given priority, provided they are at the boarding gate when boarding commences.

One type of aircraft. While other airlines spend money training staff and maintaining many types of aircrafts, we concentrate on just one - modern Boeing 737-300 jets. Our crews are specifically trained and are experts in our aircraft. This means operations and maintenance remain efficient and focused. And our fleet is younger than any of the big airlines.

Frequent Flyer Programmes. Programmes such as these are expensive and targetted at specific guests only! Instead of providing this service for just a few people we would rather lower the cost of travel for everybody.

Always a low fare, always... AirAsia!

BTW, I'm not affiliated with AirAsia. :)


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I myself hv flown using Airasia before for 10quid from Kuala Terengganu to Kuala Lumpur. Most of their cheap fares are available online (its recommended to book online!) - just make sure that you book real early.

They won Asia Pacific airline of the year award 2 times. Good for budget travellers since they offer class-less flights without meals onboard.

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I have flown Air Asia 3x in the past 6 months (The last one was Dec. 26 from KL to Phuket) and would do it again in a flash. The only negative thing could be that they are very strict when it comes to weight both for carry-ons or checked luggage. Read the fine print on weight.
If you travel light, then enjoy!

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Umm.... hate to rain on the air asia parade but I waited for almost 2 hrs in KL to get a flight to BKK. So I'm not such a big fan. I generally think you can get flights as cheap on tiger airways or one of the other budget airlines.

Plus, my bag was ripped apart in KL and stuff was stolen out of it (I know, next time with the locks).

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hmm, well its starting to sound alright! I figure its just the malaysian version of easyjet and the like... If the only bad point to be made is a 2 hour delay and luggage getting ripped... well, I can handle delays (its got to be better than the other option of a 12 hour over night bus ride...) and things can happen to luggage on any airline I guess... My nan flew with air new zeland and had to wait 48 hours for her suitcase! I was more worried about planes falling out the sky and stuff, but probably just being silly there coz they couldnt seriously let it fly if there was a risk of that!

any more feed back still welcome though please!

Cheers all

Tams x

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Hi Tamo,

I posted a similar question on here in Jan as I had found some bargain flights with them!!!! I haven't yet got to Asia to experience it, but I got the same kind of replies as you have - great, cheap, simple no frills airline but they are prone to delays. Just make sure you don't have any connecting flights!!

have fun