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Dirty Money

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Shower drains aren't pretty either. Check the nose pieces of eyeglasses...

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people were happier before money were invented some 5000 years ago.

Before money there was the barter system - but doesn't that essentially amount to the same thing? Money is a much more convenient form of barter, but it's barter nonetheless.

Plus "happy" is very relative. Some 5,000 years ago, people died of terrible and painful diseases, regularly lost their kids in childhood, worked extremely long and hard days, had just about no chance to 'better' their plight in life, often scrounged for food... were they 'happy'? Would they label it that?

I find it very oversimplified to say it was the introduction of money that made people unhappy. In fact, maybe money - as opposed to trading a chicken for a tomato plant - made their lives a little easier.

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