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show me the money !

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1. Posted by greatone_iw (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

who is gonna help tourist and help them with what??
they just help tourists with a lot's of money or you help tourists?
be honest please

Our vision is a world free from exploitation in which all parties involved that's mine too.
maybe in England it's not a dream but in some countries it is
i have been traveling since i was 10 years old and i nearly saw whole mid Eastrean countries and some east asia's like malaya and bangal , cyprus turkey ...etc.
but recently i began to think about going to Europe , prague and paris , amesterdam and london are nice to see at least once in a life time
but i found out it is kind of impossible for average kind of person to travel to Europe ( i travel on foot , by bicycle or by car )
i have traveled all of those countries by train or bus with just a backpack , tent , different kind of can's and my camera !
this is requirements for a simple 15 days travel to Europe that i asked their embassy in tehran Iran ! , take a look :
other than document for your whole life they want a bank account with 15000$ in it
a invitation letter !!! from somebody there !! ( or hotel reservation )
and it is funny that i cant go and try it for visa by myself
Embessy's say's i have to go through a agency and reserve a hotel there ! pay for it , get 2 way plane ticket and....
they want a full and exact schedule form what i want to do there, where i go , what i eat , when i ll get back and the list goes on...
this is most funny part of it
for the to assure that i WILL comeback
i have to give them something like deposit,for example i got to have a wife and children here so that they understand i WILL comeback for them , pretty funny hah?
and you know what ?, i found out i cant go and see europe by backpack or bicycle ! i have to be more tourist kind of person and reserve my hotel and pay everyone i see from airport to hotel bathroom ( you know what i mean )
what purposes do i have to tell you these things?
i dont want you to change these current situation , no one can.
i'm not and idiot i understand how world works , good countries cant let bad people go to them and it ll destroy their country and all those things they say . i understand no one can fight politic and if he does he ll be filthy as politic.
i want to know why there isn't such a thing like a powerful tourist's community?
something like labor's right's and such
why there isn't such a thing as tourism university , PROFESSIONAL tourism university , not those crap's that learn you how to take care of your hotel. place where they learn you how to live better not make money better
not everyone has couple of thousand ponds on their pocket to spend it for traveling , some has hundreds and some as tens...
i wonder
did you ever saw these tourist gorps that travel with agencies ?
if you have take a better look on them you can see most of them are retired 's and above 50 years old...(no offence)
people cant be tourist unless they have good insurance , nice bank account and of course a lot of money to keep hotel's pleased.
someone , someplace should be able to do something about people who are passionate for traveling and seeing the world.
people who are not good with business , but nature .
people who understand life , not people who understand money and then life.
maybe they think that they actually owed the land ?

so , what is you'r solution for me ? what should i do ?