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1. Posted by eric_the_b (Budding Member 5 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi all

I'm intended to go a few days to Berlin with a couple of friends on Ascension Day. I was looking around for a hostel and I noticed that most hostels are situated in Berlin Mitte, but I think most objects of interest are underneath the Zoo, is this right?
Can anyone of you give me some recommendation for a hostel? And does anyone know in which city part I can find some nice pubs/discos for going out in the weekend?

Thanks in advance!

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We stayed at the A&O Hostel by Zoo. It was very cheap and offered all different types of rooms. For a private it cost about 20 Euros a night max. It was so clean too! Most rooms had their own bathroom/shower as well, really great on those mornings when you don't want to wait to use the shower :) They also have a bar/terrace...which is a little pricey compared to the stuff in the area, but great to just lounge and meet people. A great hostel for meeting up with others.

lol, I'm like the unofficial cheerleader for the A&O....ra! ra! sis boom ba!

As for bars, there were a lot around the hostel. There are even more around where the Berlin wall used to be. Wherever you are in the city, you'll find's a party town!

Katie ;)

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i'd say Berlin Mitte is a good place to stay if u want to party a lot, but be centraly located as well. Mitte in recent times is the place to be with lots of students and younger ppl around.
maybe somebody from berlin should confirm that tho =)

have a good time in germany,


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Hi guys,

I'm a Berliner, so I don't know hostels that well. Though I have heard good things about the Circus hostel (it's in Mitte and has its own webside), Fabrik (in Kreuzberg) is supposed to be a great spot too and a bit less crowded and of course you've got the A & O hostels chain. Wouldn't necessarly go for the one at Zoo Station (sorry Katie, your cheerleading was great though!). The area around there is the most touristy and if you would like to get to know some real Berlin you're better off staying in Mitte/Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain. Mitte is very cool and stylish, therefore a bit pricier for going out at night. I personally like the Boxhagener Platz/Simon-Dach-Str. area (an A&O hostel is close to there) or Oranienstr.(it's basically a street full of nice bars and pubs).As in nightclubbing you're best off buying a Tip or Zitty when you get here. They are the two city magazines, and you can find detailed information on what's on. Just let me know what kind of music you're into or if you got anymore questions I'm happy to give you more advice.

Talk to you later,


P.S.: Now I have to do a bit of cheerleading for Berlin. Great choice to come here, you'll love it!!!

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Thanks all of you for your reactions. As I read the reactions I think we will take a hostel in Mitte (sorry Katie...). During daytime it's easier to travel than at night, so it's no problem to sleep on a relatively large distance from sightseeing places.
Steff, we are looking for some stylish bars, but an old pub is nice as well. I think it's nice if they don't have the same music the whole evening. Sometimes you have bars where they play trance or something like that for 4 hours non-stop...:( Are there some student pubs in the neighbourhood of Mitte, or some pubs where many travellers are coming? On the internet I found "Mitte Bar", is that a nice place? I also searched for some discos, I found the "Tresor", "WMF Club Berlin" and "90 Grad". What kind of discos are these? The Tresor sounded like a pure techno club :(
Sorry for not asking for the beautiful sightseeing places in Berlin ( ), but they are well described on the info page of Berlin :) But for the nighlife you got a list of a few thousand pubs...

Thank you for your help,

6. Posted by steff (Travel Guru 1162 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi Eric,

there are lots of stylish bars in Mitte, just walk around at night and you'll definetely find one you like. In any case, Circus Hostel Pub (Weinsbergweg) is known for cheap drinks and many travellers hanging out there. On Friedrichstr. is Oskar Wilde's Pub, they often have live music and a busy atmosphere. If you like Asian Food I can recommend one of my favourite places to eat: Monsieur Vuong on Alte Schönhauser. Right next to it is Pony Bar, perfect to chill out.
About the clubs: Tresor is indeed a famous Berlin club, but only if you're into hardcore techno all night long. A better option might be WMF and Cafe Moskau on Karl-Marx-Allee, you pay a bit more for the entrance(12 Euro); but the music varies (house, trance,funk) and you get to party with a relaxed crowd of different people. 90 Grad is one of the places posh or want to be posh people go, because the door policy is tough and you sometimes have a chance to meet celebreties. Boring... Very cool is "Watergate" Club (Falkensteinstr.), with probably the best view while you're dancing to house and techno (it's right at the Spree river with huge windows to look outside).Though don't go there before 1 am.
Another nice club/bar is Kaffee Burger on Torstr., their parties called "Russendisko" are great fun. Around the corner from it you'll find Erbeerbar; they serve the biggest and best Strawberry Daiquiris in the whole world (no more then two is advisable;)).
Finally "Kulturbrauerei" on Eberswalder Str. in Prenzlauer Berg (another district, but close to Mitte) houses 3 or 4 different clubs (I like the "Frannz) and there are many bars on Kastanienallee.
I guess now it's up to you to decide. Berlin nightlife rocks!

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Steff, thank you for your reaction. I think we must now be able to find some nice places in the evening :) I think we even need more than the five days we have...
We are staying in the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. It's opening on the first of april 2005. When I'm back from Berlin I will post my experiences.