Cuba advice and open to options of a similar destination???

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Hi Guys,

My husband and I have been travelling in 2010 South East Asia and Oz. Thailand was our absolute favorite place!

Now it's time to book a second honeymoon as April this year we got married and honeymooned in Borneo/Thailand.
( This was very restricted as new husband broke an ankle on his Stag Do, Paintballing!!!!! ) gggggrrrrrrrr

It is hard choosing somewhere new to go as we are addicted to Thailand.

Is Cuba a good choice to see somewhere new?

We are looking for Sunshine fab beaches, live music, good food, some sightseeing, swim with the dolphins, cheap beers. We like touristy and non touristy!!

Travelling March, 2 weeks, reasonably priced would be good too.

Any ideas for Cuba or anywhere else grateful for advice



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There's some massive differences between Cuba and Thailand that you should think about...

1.) For a western tourist Thailand is arguably the easiest completely "foreign" country on the planet to visit. Thanks to decades of backpackers the country has a fabulous tourist infrastructure so it's simple and non-intimidating. Throw in fabulous geography, a long and interesting history and all the other things that make SE Asia a great place and you have a no-brainer destination. Thailand is easy and predictable.

2.) Cuba is a completely different situation, starting with one of the most unique/complicated political and social situations on earth. Its tourism industry is relatively new and it's mainly geared towards the all-inclusive resort market. In some senses it's one of the most expensive developing countries to visit as a foreigner, by other measures it's the Walmart of the Caribbean. It's no longer an exotic destination for an independent traveller, but it's not easy in the same sense that Thailand is.

Lastly, regarding your bucket list... 1.) Beaches: Of course there are nice beaches in Cuba - it has some of the best in the Caribbean - but I have to give the nod to Thailand for sheer grandeur. 2.) Live Music: Hands down, Cuba. It punches WAY out of its weight class with arguably more highly skilled musicians per capita than anywhere, bar none. 3.) Food: Hands down, Thailand. 4.) Sightseeing: Depends on your interests... both countries offer a completely different experience. 5.) Swimming With Dolphins: No comment, I do not support this practise. 6.) Cheap Beers: It's almost a tie. 7.) Touristy/Non-Touristy: It's almost a tie too. Very easy to get off the beaten path in both places but Thailand offers better 5 star options.

Have fun with your research.