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Firstly, a very warm hello to you all. I've just joined this website and the resources available look fantastic. Am looking forward to getting to know you all!

In the last week of Feburary I have plans to travel and would be eternally grateful for some guidance with planning / booking.

My travels with begin from London, where I will take my mother to Slovenia (Ljubljana and then Lake Bled - how much is the bus / train between the 2? How long does it take?). I'm about to book flights for the 21st Feb (£20.40 each). From there we will head to Budapest. What is the cheapest way of getting there? We're happy to take whichever method of travel which is cheap and reasonably comfortable enough. There is some flexibility around dates however thinking around 23rd Feb. If it's cheapest, we can go via another city / country.

After a few days in Budapest, my mother will fly back to London and a friend from New Zealand will join me. We want to see somewhere in Romania and then eventually fly onto Kiev, Ukraine. There is a flight on the 27th Feb for £29 from Budapest to Kiev however this would mean our trip to Romania from Budapest would need to be a return. Even better may be a one way coach trip from Budapest to a city in Romania (Orangeways - are they OK?) and then a one way trip onto Kiev (what cheap options do we have and what methods of transport?).

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Sorry I can't answer your specific questions, but as you're ending up in Kiev I do recommend you take a day trip to Chernobyl as it was an unusual and rewarding travel experience, the highlight of our Kiev trip.

We booked ours with Lupine Travel

I did some quick searching on getting between Romania and Kiev and came up with nothing, sorry!

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Hi,i am from Kiev,so if you have specific questions,feel free to ask.regarding flights,the cheapest way is to use wizzair airlines

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You can also go by train from Budapest to Romania. There are several trains a day leaving Budapest to Romania and all the way to Bucharest it takes about 14 to16 hours.

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Hello! Train (sleeping coach) is indeed an option from Budapest to Romania, but it takes 14 hours to Bucharest, which is quite far away from the Hungarian border. If you want to get off somewhere else along the way, the journey will be much shorter. Depends on what you want to see in Romania. I live here, so if you have specific questions, I can try to help.

Unfortunately there is no low cost flying from Romania to Ukrain. There are trains I guess, but ot takes a lot because Ukrain has different size of railways than rest of Europe. I don't know about buses.

Good luck

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Here are some suggestions regarding the last part of your trip, Budapest to Romania and on to Ukraine.

You could indeed catch a bus from Budapest to (for instance) Cluj (€20) and do a couple of day trips from there (into the Apuseni muntains, to the Turda salt mines etc.)
After that you could take another bus to Suceava in north-eastern Romania (~€15), take a shared car/van across the border to Chernivtsi in Ukraine (~€10) and finally a bus or train to Kiev (both starting around €15).
There's also a direct train to Kiev passing through Suceava (then Chernivtsi) but it's way too slow.

A considerably more interesting option would be try to see southern Transylvania,
You could fly from Budapest to Targu Mures (about €27) then take a bus to Brasov or go by train from Budapest to Brasov (seats cost about €19 if you book with at least a week in advance, which you can do on the Hungarian railways/MAV site; the trip takes 14 hours).
After you stay in Brasov a few days visiting the nearby sites (medieval cities, castles, old villages etc.) you can head to Suceava by train or bus (~€20) and move on to Kiev as above.

Like it's already been mentioned travel times in this region are rather long; trains are more comfortable than buses but can be slightly more expensive/slower.

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Thank you all very much for your replies.

I'm happy to break up the trip - as it stands we arrive in Ljubljana on the evening of the 26th Feb - will head straight to Lake Bled and stay there the evening (poss 2 evenings). I wouldn't mind breaking up the train journey from Lake Bled to Budapest with another night's stay somewhere in Slovenia or Hungary - any suggestions of where to stop along the way and whether the train ticket would allow this?

I'm keen to find out as much as possible about the above train journey - the internet doesn't seem to have much information on it!