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I have an a great opportunity to study Spanish in Chile and must choose between Valparaiso or Santiago. The only negative I heard about Santiago is regarding the smog. I will be attending classes from August through December. Also, what will the weather be like at that time? Thanks for the feedback.

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Well, I'm chilean and I think that Valparaíso is a better and most comfortable place to live, but that's my opinion, your selection depends of your interests. Anyway I'm going to tell you some features about both cities:
Santiago: Big city, cosmopolitan, some zones are always crowded. Many cars, buses and much movement and energy. It has a great deal of malls and places to shop and many places to visit. The best way to be movilized is by metro (subway) that reaches the main places of the city. Also it's clean and safe and very cheap. Crime taxes are medium (but slower than neighbour countries). Finally in winter and autumn (march - august), smog levels are very high, certain days even city looks horrible, but when it rains the air is ok again (temporarily).
Valparaiso: As you must know this town is next to the sea, so smog problem doesn't exist. There are about 400.000 people and it is not a dense town. It was declared humanity's patrimony because of its singular structure (I guess you've already seen some photos). Well, criminality is medium but a little higher than Santiago. I think it doesn't has a infrastructure as modern and - even- clean as Stgo, neither a environment so cosmopolitan, but if you don't really care that kind of things and prefer pintoresque culture and people, I think Valparaíso is a better choice. Also, Valparaíso is next to Viña del Mar, a beautiful resort city with beautiful beaches and cool night places to go.
Finally I could say that living in Valparaíso is healthier than Valparaíso, where life is most pacific and relaxed, without including the fact that there you'd be near the sea. But all this was just my opinion. Maybe you prefer big cities.
Well, I hope it to be useful for you. Bye.

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Well, I forgot to add that if you want more details or to know something else, just
contact me -snip: send private message -. bye.

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