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Oz Intro?? 2013

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1. Posted by becky.e.m (Budding Member 6 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!


I'm going to Oz in March on a 12month whv, will be travelling over there on my own and a few friends have recommended the Oz Intro week to me
So, wondered if anyone else was thinking about doing it?
Or if there's anyone who has already done it and could suggest whether it's worth it?
I like the idea of having a group of people to spend the first week there with, and also that they sort out things like visas, tax files, aus bank account etc.. all of which takes hassle away from me before I go as I work full time at the minute..
Any advice / comments would be fab!

Becky x

2. Posted by nickl (Budding Member 21 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi Becky,

I'm in Oz at the moment on a WHV, I arrived on my own in September (because the guy I was originally travelling with went home after Asia as he'd spent up) I didn't attend anything like an intro week so can't comment on what would be involved.

however I'd recommend you don't get intimidated by arranging your own Visa, TFN and bank account though, the travel company I bought my round the world ticket off {I wont mention their name} attempted to sell me their australia arrivers package (as well as a whole lot of other stuff, we politely declined) where they would sort out our visa, TFN, bank etc at a massively inflated price - told us it was massively difficult to do it alone....

  • your visa should take 20 minutes max, its a fairly simple online form - they'll e-mail you it within a couple of hours
  • TFN is also arranged online when you arrive, that takes maybe 5 minutes - they basically just need your name and an address they can send it too
  • banks are about 100 feet apart in all the big cities, pop into any one of those with your passport and they'll have you sorted and out the door within 15 minutes

I can't stress how easy a move to Australia is if you just want to sort it yourself...

(I know this was a tiny bit off topic but I hope it helped)


3. Posted by becky.e.m (Budding Member 6 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi Nick

Thank you for the advice it's really useful to hear from somebody who has already been there and done it themselves
After thinking about it and doing a little more research I think I will arrange the visa, bank account / tfn etc myself, while it seemed daunting at first, it now looks incredibly straightforward,
And as for the intro week, it does seem overpriced for what is actually included so I might as well save the money to put towards travelling spending cash :-)

Thanks again!


4. Posted by Lydia21 (Budding Member 30 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi Becky

I couldn't agree with Nick more.

I've been in Oz for over 6 months now and have met loads of great people through staying at hostels which I think would be the only good think about Oz intro. They aren't worth the money for sorting stuff out coz it's so easy to do urself.

We have met people who have done it who said its only good if ur happy to spend up all ur money in ur first month on all the trips they push you to book with them.

The hostels they put you in are not a good standard, the trips on the first week are OK but the nights out are expensive and then the last day they help you 'plan' which isn't to help you find jobs or accomodation it's to book you onto trips costing $4k+. They said that they were the odd ones out of the Oz intro group coz they were the only ones not willing to blow all their money by leaving Sydney after their first week to head up the east coast and were treated really badly for not doing so.

Hope this helps


5. Posted by becky.e.m (Budding Member 6 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi Lydia

From your advice I think I have luckily escaped spending a lot unnecessarily!
I applied for my visa myself yesterday, so easy, and have had an email today to confirm that it has already been granted :-) so sorting things out myself actually doesn't seem so bad now, and I'm sure I will meet just as many people through hostels like you say, without an intro week with a group, and probably enjoy more freedom by doing so

Thanks for your reply!


6. Posted by vjwilson (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hey Becky,
I am from Warrington which is just outside Manchester, whwere are you from? I have just applied for my Visa too and I am going alone and I am nervous, was just wondering where you were planning on going and where first? and when? Also for them people who are out in Austrailia how do you find your jobs? I was looking into doing an arrival package but after reading this and doing some research and applying for my visa myself I agree with the fact its just a waste of money.

Thank you,
Vicky x

7. Posted by Dom.cross (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys, I'm from Birmingham and I was looking to do the oz intro purely because I would like to meet like minded people as I'm going alone

I was thinking of going in August

Also I was looking for some other websites to see if anyone else is interested in this!

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Dom x

8. Posted by rich1_2_3 (Budding Member 32 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

add up

best way to meet people before u go is online...
your not alone.. there are plenty of us travelling alone and in the same boat...
i land in perth may 3rd. hope 2 c u all out there :)

9. Posted by Burtenshaw83 (Budding Member 4 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys,
Plan to go to Oz last week in August, was torn between Oz Intro and Ultimate Oz but after reading the above comments I am thinking of sacking them both off and going solo.

Going on a WHV and flying solo so if anyone is doing the same thing/same time it would be good to chat/get ideas and stuff.


10. Posted by PaulSowerby (Budding Member 23 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

hey rich ive tried to join the group as u said do i need verifying?