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I am starting to do timelapse video photography. Hopefully so people can get a general idea of a place they are going to visit (or purely for interests sake). I have done my first one of Howick in East Auckland. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip83vsnvG2A) Its not absolute top professional quality here, but its a start. Is there anywhere in Auckland,New Zealand (I will do the city at some stage soon) that people would like to see in this time lape fashion? Maybe a beach, or area? Or a place they have visited but want to show family back home. Let me know what you are all interested in, and I will try to accomodate this.

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Nice job for a first attempt. What kind of camera and software are you using?

Some things to think about for next time...

A time lapse works better if you can get the majority of your frame involved. For example, if the sky is overcast with no movement (like it was this time) then move to a higher camera position and frame downwards so you capture more action on the ground, otherwise you end up with a large portion of your frame as dead space with nothing happening. In this first attempt look at how much of your frame is actually time lapsing with movement... it's way less than 10%.

Another thing to experiment with is shutter speed. Stop down your aperture or put on an ND filter so you're shooting at a lower shutter speed, this will slightly blur the individual exposures but the end result is a more fluid "flow" of everything that's moving within your frame, thus losing all the "jerky" movement. This is very effective in some situations.

Time lapse can be crazy, almost addictive once you try it a few times and start to discover the potential.

Have fun and keep experimenting!


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Thanks CheersT!

I am using a Canon EOS 1100D. Thanks so much for the tips! I never even thought of excluding the sky if its not moving and posing an interesting view point! Also I only knew a few things about filters, however, could not quite work out why anyone would use a filter when all you had to do was slow the shutter speed down. But after googling ND Filter (images) I will absolutely keep a look out for one and use it! the look is soooo much better.

Once again thanks - never thought I would find useful photography techniques on a travel forum!


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Your Canon is a great camera, it offers all kinds of possibilities for time lapse. Experiment with some night stuff too, those images can be really dramatic as well.

Have fun.