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1. Posted by quinnyyy (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Good day

I’m travelling from the UK early March with two friends for 24 days in America. The original idea was to go and visit NY and LV, but the idea of an all American road trip really interested us all. Yes flying between places is cheaper but it’s not the same as travelling through and seeing the real America, not letting it fly by. The exploration aspect of our trip took over and we’ve ended up with a mammoth roadtrip. I’m quite happy to receive criticism on the plan as I’d rather be aware of any potentials problems now, but please consider this has been planned at length with the help of people who have done this before.

You can see the plan here:
As you can see we land in New York where we spend a couple of days sightseeing and partying, maybe go see some Ice Hockey :) Then its onto Niagara falls, then Chicago, then follow route 66 to LA (with a couple of detours like LV). We have an RV for most of the journey apart from last leg from LV to LA, we’ll rent a Mustang or something without a roof.

My concerns/questions are:
How do we stay on Route 66? We’re going to get a map and a satnav with correct waypoints, but would love some more advice on that
Planning overnight stops for RV how necessary is this? We know it’s a BIG problem in Chicago
Point of interest along route? I don’t want to bore you with everything we’ve found, but any suggestions welcome
Great bars along route? In particular it’s my friend’s birthday in Chicago and St Patricks day around about Amarillo Way
Medical cover and travel insurance recommendations

Kind regards


2. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

You will have to deal with a couple of 'detours' along the route as there are sections of 66 that no longer exist and you'll have to take interstate highways for some of the distance. Parking an RV in Chicago proper will be a hassle. Can't help you there - sorry. But along the rest of the route, if you can't find an RV park or state/national park when you need to stop, local WalMart stores do allow RVs to use their parking lots for overnight. Plus, you get to stock up on supplies you may need.

You may also pass through some Native American reservation land. Most do not allow alcoholic beverages on the reservation. If you are taking some with you, be aware to seriously hide it in the vehicle until you have exited the reservation. We brought beer to a friend who lived on reservation land in New Mexico. We hid it in case we were stopped for anything by local law enforcement.

I recommend watching Billy Connolly's Route 66. He did the route from Chicago to Santa Monica on a motortrike. Not quite the same but his humor is wonderful and he went off the beaten path for certain sights. It's 4 parts and gives a good idea of the route. My husband's cousin and 3 others have done the round trip 3 times in a vintage corvette convertible.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I've only been on the route while traveling around Illinois and New Mexico. Good luck and enjoy the trip!

3. Posted by Calcruzer (Travel Guru 2003 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

For bars in Chicago, there are a lot of choices. If you looking for regular bar with lots of different beer choices cheap, try Quenchers Saloon--they stock over 300 beers from around the world everyday. Beers run from $1 to $5 with most around $3.

If you want the real upscale spot, try The Underground. (Check it out on Foursquare for over 200 photos). This is the kind of place where you get Katy Perry appearing on a weekend while you and your date are drinking champagne and dancing (Katy headlined there back in 2010).

In Amarillo, I don't know where to go drink--but you just have to try "The Big Texan" (right on I-40, which is the originally US Route 66) to eat.

Nothing like it anywhere. This is the home of the gigantic steak with all the fixings.

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