a way to go around the ETA's 3 months rule?

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Hi, I'm planning to go on a tour around Australia and maybe NZ this summer from May till end of August. I'm planning to buy a car, and as you know ETA is only valid for 3 month in each entry. It is a little pain in the butt to apply for the long visit so my friend recommended to go to NZ then. Then I have to sell the car and get another car in NZ. So I came up with an idea. Go out to NZ for a night or two and come back. Then, wouldn't I be able to stay in Australia for another 3 months? Just wondering what you guys think. I just hope I don't infringe any law. THanks.

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I know they've gotten quite strict with applying for working holiday maker visas from NZ but I am pretty sure an ETA should be fine (as long as you have a ticket out of Australia again). Mind you, I don't think the 6 month visa is very hard to get before you leave though...

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I am no lawyer, so don't rely on this, but I've heard tales about this guy in New Zealand (from one of the pacific islands) who basically stayed for years at a time by paddling out to sea every three months and then re-entering the country. I don't recall specifics, but in my memory this has the ring of having been a true tale.
Personally I'd go for it, just as long as you have a contingency plan in case they do frown upon it. (Or hell, give them a call and just ask. Chances are they'll say straight out that this will be okay. (Just don't give your name in case it isn't.)) ;)

I'd definitely make your visit to New Zealand a lot longer than two days though. It's much easier to appreciate the beauty there than it is in Australia. :)

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Sounds fine to me rubenham. It's not breaking the rule at all. I'm not sure about the exact ETA rule, but it's the validity period that counts - what is it? a year? In fact, my parents are in a situation at the moment where they have a tourist visa that is valid for 4 years, but requires them to leave the country every six months, which is what they do. In reality, they practically live here as tourists. As long as you don't work, it's no problem.

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First of all, thank all of you for your response. SamIAm, I know it's not hard to get the 6 months visa but it just so much more painful that the ETA process (they require bank statement, my itinerary, etc.) I was doing some more research, and I heard about extending the visa while I'm there. Anyone heard about it?