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I am about to go to the Unemployment Office here in Canada, to sign up for benefits. I have worked for over 30 yrs.and always paid in. I am going to be on a recall list for my company. I own a camp in Vermont, which I have always gone to on weekends. Will I have a problem crossing the border and being "caught" and punished by Unemployment, even if I have contact with my answering machine at home? I can be back to my home in just one and a half hours, and only plan to be out of the country on weekends, and an occaisional week.

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It's a bit of a grey area... you can't collect EI while you're outside of Canada of course, but there's no law against leaving home for the weekend either...

Personally I wouldn't worry for one second about this, but that's just me. I think you'd feel better if you talked to an EI official directly - and no, don't give them your name or EI benefit claim number over the phone, you're only "calling for a friend!"


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Traveling while collecting UIC is basically illegal..
When i started working at a large union factory some years ago i'd not have enough seniority to work a full year for the first 10 years so from October till March i was on UIC, because it could take 5-6 weeks for that first UIC cheque to arrive i'd spend that time in Florida with Mom and Dad.
I'm sure had the UIC found out about this i would have been denied coverage and been asked to payback a large amount already paid in years past..
Not sure how it works now but when i was collecting UIC i had to fill out a questionnaire card every two weeks,one of the Questions was =Are you willing and able to work in the time period you are applying for, saying yes gets you your cheque,saying no gets you no check,so obviously me in Florida saying yes and you in Vermont saying yes in both cases would be considered fraud, so yes you can get UIC if you are out of the country but realize there are consequences if you get caught. the rules

If its just a weekend camp just let em know you'll be unavailable for work on Saturday and Sunday..

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