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1. Posted by Clarev05 (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi, I'm new to all this so don't judge!

I am flying to China on 1st April, I plan to spend around a month travelling around (depending on how finances go) and then go to Hong Kong for a few days, I was wondering does anyone know how boats work around here? As I was thinking of maybe going to either the Phillipines or Taiwan for another week.

I plan on spending most time in Vietnam (around 3 months) and was wondering if it was possible to extend my visa for there or can I get multiple entries? I know that it is better to get the visa when I am crossing the boarder into the country so was just wondering hoe extensions etc work.

Also planning on going on to Cambodia and Laos from there and then Thailand. I'm not keen on mainland Thailand however as I've heard it's quite commercial and a few friends don't really recommend it. So I would like some advice on which islands are the best to visit.

I would really appreciate some help on the best ways to get around these countries using cheap and cheerful methods!