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41. Posted by Peter (Admin 6278 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hi GlenysMac, glad it's proving of use :) The notes and bookmarks are all private. The trip itself is public. You can see this on your profile. Log out to see what others see there. Your trips are shown on the right.

You also have the option when adding notes to make them public if you like, in which case they will also show on your trip map. By default though, all your notes are private.

For a future development we want to also add the option to make the maps entirely private. But for now that part is still public.

Hope that makes sense!

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45. Posted by MymsMan (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!


Thanks for your reply to my post. I was going to make a similar point to GlenysMac.

While I don't really mind who sees where I am going I am less comfortable with letting the whole world know when I am going. It is not normally considered wise to publicise when you will be away and the house left empty. TP might not show my address but when linked to FaceBook there is too much information being given away.

I would therefore like a default setting to hide dates for future trips and not reveal them until the trip is fully complete.

Also from your earlier reply:

I deleted a foreign stop from my test trip leaving just three close by towns but it still shows as Covering 10935 km / 6795 miles

This kind of sounds like your stats page was still in cache. Looking at it now, your stats are only showing 15 kilometres travelled.

I don't think this is a cache problem, if I look at my public map whilst logged out in a different browser it still shows the wrong distance.

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46. Posted by nzhamsta (Respected Member 95 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys,

I have been using it for my next trip and I think I have found a few issues.

No1. My next trip has two identical stops, once at the beginning and once at the end. I am staying at the same hotel on both occasions (nice place, good pool). When I try to bookmark the same web page into both stops, it only allows it once.

If you add the bookmark to the first stop, it saves it and shows it nicely. If you then try to bookmark the same page to the later stop on your itinerary, it saves it there but removes it from the first stop.

No2. If you click on preferences and click on cancel, the address bar shows:
and the page shows [object Object]. Browser is Opera 12.14, Windows 7.

No.3 Printing via Opera 12 has printed the notes attached to stops and the bookmarks, but not the following:
- dates associated with each stop.
- the notes entered with each bookmark. These are useful, for example directions on how to get to the hotel. EDIT - Having played with this, the browser's print preview is deciding what to print. If the section is expanded, then it prints. You may want to look at having print options that the user can select regarding what info to print.

I am not sure the exchange rate information you present is particularly useful. In my humble opinion, I would want to see what the current rate is now. I have set NZD as my preference and my stop is in Indonesia, so all I would want is NZD 1 = IDR 8107.75 and vice versa. This should be showing at the bottom of each stop without the need for any user action. I have have no use for historical rates as in this context they are meaningless.

Keep up the good work.

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