4 weeks to travel, South America or Bali?

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I'm lucky enough to have 4 weeks off from early April to early May and I have been thinking about a trip to Bali. It's always a place that I've had in mind to learn to surf and develop on the three weeks of previous experience. Also I would like to spend a few days diving there. I can't afford to splash out on hundreds for a live aboard or days worth of diving however. Bali also seems lively and fun so I could spend a few days partying.

Flights are looking cheap there for the dates I want, approx 650 pounds. I am almost ready to book but I have this urge to really consider South or Central America before I book. Another place I want to see. I'm worried that 4 weeks spent in one place alone will be a little bit wasteful given that I don't get whole months off all that often. Flights to South America to various locations are only 500 pounds.

The flights I have been checking are well priced when you fly in and out of the same destination but double in price if you want to fly out of somewhere different. I know when I booked a large trip three years ago with trailfinders they accommodated me flying into and out of all sorts of places. Do I need to speak to them and Sta travel? Are they the only companies worth looking at?

I'm a sporty and active person who also like photography, experiencing culture removed from the norm and who also enjoys going out and having a good time and meeting new people.

Where would you recommend that I travel to? Bali or South America

Bali would be great if I could mix it up and go to Japan for a week or something.

I don't know too much about South America, being a guy, Columbia pulls me in because I imagine every girl will look like Shakira. Would a mini Central American and Columbian trip be worth looking at?

I have around 2000 pounds including flights to spend for the four weeks. I appreciate all of your wisdom.

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I'm not sure about Bali.

But regarding the women in South America. They are unbelievable! I went Brazil and Argentina, 9 out of 10 women were 10 out of 10!

Costa Rica, even better, I was shocked and lost for words by most of the women I saw/met. So natural and beautiful.

THat's all i have to say.!!!

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I was just about to answer this then noticed the date of the original post.

I hope the guy got what he wanted as he should be back home about now.

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