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KL to BKK immigration process by bus/train

Travel Forums Asia KL to BKK immigration process by bus/train

1. Posted by Vincent_bcn (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hello people.

I have an issue. In august i was deported and blacklisted from thailand for a crime i didnt commit. i was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
vast amounts of money was wanted in order for me to stay in thailand, funds i simply do not have.

My life in thailand was awesome, i was working, engaged and had a good friend circle.

i was in immigration detention centre for 5weeks. and when i left, i was not told the exact reason why i was being blacklisted. or the duration. some say 5years, some say 99 years. when i consulted with thai immigration in London, they had no record. they told me to call thailand. so i did on numerous occasions and they keep telling me "ohhh, cannot find out".

so now im thinking to bus it or train it to bangkok. i have a new passport. but what i would like to know is what happens at the border when i get to thailand.

i am currently living in KL.

do they finger print/scan passport at the border?

anyone who has been recently by bus/train, please let me know the procedure.

Many thanks.


2. Posted by opospa (Travel Guru 1837 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!


I'm working with Malaysian Immigration Department. Finger print scanning will be done only by the Malaysian side. Over at the Thai side, they do not scan your finger print. There's a small camera looks like a webcam to take your recent photo everytime you enter or exit Thailand.

From KL, take train at KL Sentral to Hatyai. You will go through Padang Besar checkpoint. A very quiet checkpoint. Less ppl. Get down from the train, go through Malaysian Immigration, then in the same building, you will go through Thai Immigration. Then wait for the train for like an hour for departure.

As for bus, normally will stop at Bukit Kayu Hitam checkpoint. Will be packed during holidays but faster than train. Over here, the border control seems to be a little bit strict. After Malaysian Immigration, bus will then proceed to Thai Immigration and after that straight into Hatyai.

Which part of Thailand are you going??? I guess if you own a new passport, it would not be a problem anymore if they said that they didnt have any record. It is even better if you change your name back in your country before doing the new passport. Let's say IF your old records are still there. Thai Immigration would have all your old passport's data like name, birthdate, photos etc. and when you enter Thailand, they would be suspecting you as you shares the same name, birthdate, and the only diff is the passport number as you own a new one now. Worst thing would had happened is they refuse your entry and send you back to Malaysia.;)

3. Posted by Vincent_bcn (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

many thanks.

so they wont arrest me and detain me in thailand then!!!! because thats one place i do NOT wanna go to!!

Once i get into thailand, i will be going to Bangkok, as thats where my apartment and my life was.

once i am in thailand, assuming i pass the immigration, then i'll just get the bus or train to bkk and suprise everyone!!!!!

4. Posted by opospa (Travel Guru 1837 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

HAHA!! Good Luck then!!!;)

5. Posted by eselkaken (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hello ,

I'm in a similar situation , with the difference that i didn't even do wrong ( and sure not IN Thailand , but also not in My country, it was just a mistake )
Any advise for me to be joined with my family ( and 3 months ol baby already , never seen her even in real live - Thanks to SKYPE , i have daily visions )

The Story
Living and working in Thailand with valid BOI workpermit and yearvisa's for last 3 years.
Made girlfriend pregnant and she is awaiting baby on 2-09-2013.

Got arrested in Thailand by Immigration due to " having an arrest warrant " in home country
After 1 week IDC ( jail ) in bkk, paid own flight out of Thailand.

Big stamp in pasport over visa : " VOID " and another small red stamp with filenumber and immigration act ( 12/7 )

Arrived in homecountry , no arrest warrant there, just a " notice for : information wanted " by police.

Closed the case with police of homecountry in 2 hours and free to go do whatever.

Got a new clean Pasport with no stamps.

Explained to Royal Thai Embassy and got new yearvisa again.

Fligh to Thailand over Phuket , " Welcome to Thailand, enjoy "

I think : ok problem solved here.

Got a new workpermit ( which involves immigration checkings to ) and got a new workpermit.

3 months happy working and enjoying pregnant girlfirend ( due date 2/09/2013 )

Need to go out country for business and fly from BKK to SNG.

On going out , immigration halted me and asked " big or small handcuffs " ...
Explained what happened as they saw in their computer - " deported "on .....
How was it possible that i was in thailand while on the blacklist, did i pay some bribe money in Phuket, many questions more ....

Showed all the legal documents i carried to proof i was innocent before and no arrest warrant was ever issued.
They let me go out of Thailand but warned me not to come back as i was blacklisted...

Now : I missed my outbound flight due to all the questioning
Need to go buy new ticket .... INSIDE THAILAND ...

With the assistance of a plane-company staff , pased immigration again and they stamped my exit stamp as CANCELLED , red color :(

Bought new ticket at counter and go to immigration agian, check my pasport and yes , ring ring problem .
Why , when , how , Why you have CANCELLED in your pasport ?? grrrrrrrr a , got passed in time this time.

Fly to SNG , easy passing immigration and descided to fly back homecountry to solve issue first from there
( not taking the risk to be deported again while trying to enter Thailand again )

Go to Thai embassy in my country again and they didnt believe my story, i was cleared they stated.
now 2 months later , still no-one can confirm me my blacklisting.
Got Thai laywer who handels this in Thailand and got message " 99 years blacklisted , was only lucky to enter first time "
But , going on for getting appeal as the reason for the initial VOID was based on " having an arrest warant " which was confirmed , legalised and all by officials in my country to be not true , only a notice for information was handed over.
Now trying to proof that there was a bad translation made from the original document in english to the thai version ..

Now baby is getting delivered earlier then due date and i will fly to bangkok , of course , i want to be with my wive and baby.

I could not imagine that immigration will not allow me .... have all the valid documents with stating my inocence and more .... becoming dady.... my blood-type is very rare , so what if something goes wrong with delivery of baby ...

there are 2 reaons to be on the blaklist in my case :
1-....'having an arrest warrant.......'
2-....' being deported .....'

If the letter of notification was not translated wrong in the first place, they wouldn't arrested me.
if i wasn't arrested , i wouldn't be deported....
If i wasnt deported , i wouldnt be on the blacklist ..

My embassy says : we didnt do the translation, so we cannot help you.
thai immigrations says : your country wanted arrest ...

So , its not always that black and white ...its up to Thailand to descide your status... nomather what ..

6. Posted by eselkaken (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Most important :

In BKK , i was refused entry , based on still being on the Blacklist....

24 hours later , on a plane back to my country ( still not sure who paid for this as i had only a one-way ticket to bangkok )

Now , baby is 3 months old already and my lawer states that i will be able to return, got appeal with 5 signatures , only waiting the administration ...

Got appeal end of august , but now half november , still no news ...

I guess TIT , but i'm looking for a faster wy to get back.

All my personal belongings left in Thailand and im stranded in my country with 1 pants and 1 sweater ..... Need to start all over again in my country , .... if i can not re-enter

Any advise is welcome