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Hi there
Can anyone tell me how easy it is to get hold of a cheap bike in Canada BC. is it a good way to travel out there. I am very fit and ride a lot. I would not mind if the bike was stolen, the cheaper the better. Can you rent them?. Thanks

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Mountain biking is very big in the Vancouver area. Within the city, many people bike in Stanley Park. As for using bikes as a mode of transport, certainly doable, but it is a big city with big city traffic, so you need to be comfortable with biking along side cars and trucks and buses.

You can rent bikes. Check out this page for a couple companies that rent them.

If you are out there for a while, though, you'd probably be better off buying one. You can either buy a used one from a shop, or maybe pick one up off a classified ad. Either pick up a newspaper when you are there, or check on-line for classifieds in the vancouver area.


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I just spent all last summer riding a bike around Europe, and am currently living close to Vancouver, BC.
Riding in the city wouldn't be too bad at all. However, in other regions of BC you may find the Rocky mountains to be a bit of trouble, and they make the swiss alps look tiny. I'd advise you to plan exactly where you are going to be staying every night and give yourself a do-able itinerary. Like not travel through three mountain passes every day. However, it might be difficult to find accomodation along the roadside (especially through the Okanagan), but there are plenty of campgrounds, so you'll always be safe. Bring lots of water if you do choose to bike through the Rockies! It's such a sight!! Have fun!!