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I would like to bring to people’s attention an event that happened in a bar in Ushuaia. Ushuaia for those who don’t know is in the far south of Argentina, if you’re lucky enough to strike good weather; it is one of the most pleasant places in all of South America and also one of the safest. However, Ushuaia once was the Argentinean base from which the Falklands war was fought and it is sad to say there are a few people who still have some issues with the British.
My boyfriend, myself and 2 other English guys, we were enjoying a few drinks in the local Irish bar when a person who I believe to be the owner, thought it just, to bring up the topic of las malvinas (the Falklands) we merely mentioned we were from England. The discussion became heated as he told us how he fought in the Falklands war and didn't want our kind of people on his premises. He then made inappropriate comment about us, to the other bar staff, then told us we were not welcome there anymore and to leave without finishing our drinks. Not quite the ideal attitude for someone running a tourist bar, my advice is that if you are British, say that you’re not or simply go somewhere else.

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I think that just because i am a traveller helper in this forum and somebody who being Argentinian loves England and has not had any problem with English people, I have to say sth about the paragraph i have read.
Argentinian people have nothing against the English, we dont have any grudge against them and in fact when English people visit the city of Buenos Aires where i live ,they find porteños people terribly nice,warm and friendly. We want the island to be Argentinian as they were in the past, we went on a war which had dramatic consequences on the whole society but we never ever will treat any English in our land badly. This has nothing to do with the people It is just politics and we dont mix things up.
However, in the city where these people were having a drink,Ushuaia not long ago there was an incident which was really shameful. A group of English speaking people, not many 3 or 4, only one from England, one from Australia and i dont remember the nationality of the others who had been drinking in a pub took an Argentinian flag which was on the flagpole stepped on it. tore it all, laugh at it, pissed on it and dumped it on a rubbish container.This cause of lot of anger in the population of Ushuaia and the ones who saw it reported it to the police. There are a lot of people in Ushuaia whose grandparents came from the British Isles to live in Argenitna and they did feel offended. These young boys who were not alone in the city were arrested by the police and were released a few days ago. That is a behaviour you can only understand when people drink too much and of course it can never be accepted.
I dont know what really happened in the pub mentioned in the post and i hope it was not the intention of the group to offend anybody.If it was not, the man took it too hard and I apologize on his behalf.

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I served in the Royal Navy and spent quite a few months patrolling the Falklands. The one regret we had on our way down (we stopped in Rio and Montevideo) was that we could not visit Buenos Aires (not for political reasons, just didn't have time). I have met many Argentinians, sometimes discussed the Falklands with them, but always had a good time. I think there is more passion in our football rivalry than in any politics