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Hi there,

Australia has long been a dream for me to visit and I am thinking of putting the planning in place so that I fly out January 2014. At that time I would be 21 and I have currently saved £6,000 so far for my year out for travelling. I was just wondering from people that are currently in Australia or have been in the recent past, how expensive it is to travel? As all I here lately from fellow people who have travelled is how much prices in general are increasing there.

I would be staying at hostels, and using public transport often so I will be spending money daily, basically is my figure what I currently have saved a good indicator as think I will need close to around £9,000 - £10,000 mark to consider myself safely covered for atleast 8-9 months.

I do intend to work if necessary on a ranch somewhere to top that money back up as I go, but would like to spend more time travelling leisurely than working.


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That amount is about AUD $13,000-$15,000 (rounded up and down). Which at an average budget of AUD $75-80/day would last you about six months.
That AUD $75/day budget would allow you to stay in small dorms in decent quality hostels, buy supermarket food to cook your own meals, travel by public transport to the next destination about once a week, and do the occasional activity (think platypus spotting, not skydiving). If you want to do more and more frequent activities, eat in restaurants, and/or go out at night regularly, you could easily spend two to three times as much. It's also possible to do things a bit more frugal than this, but it's very hard, and most people wouldn't manage.

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I'm from Melbourne and it is quite expensive. However in saying that, it can be cheap! As far as getting around goes public transport is definitely the way to go. You can buy a Myki card which you top up with money as you go. The metro trains run quite frequently and most of the time on time but sometimes there are annoying delays. Just say if you catch 2-3 trains/trams a day you might be looking at about $6-7 dollars. Trains only run till about 1am so if you want to go out heaps in the city I'd recommend staying at a hostel in the city as taxis can be pretty expensive if you're on a budget.

You can pretty much explore melbourne and the surf coast and do all the site seeing without tour guides. By doing it alone you'll save lots of money. As for spending money clothes, shoes etc are quite expensive compared to other places. Food can be really cheap. There are some cheap places around melbourne where you can get a meal for $10-$15 but you're probably better off going to a local grocery store and cooking if you'd like to save money.

If you have any more questions about Melbourne/surf coast let me know :)

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If you only want to travel and not work - I guess you would have to look at a fairly tight budget. And while it is possible in Australia it is definitely not "$3 a day" that you hear about in close by SE Asia.

Saying that you could always try couch surfing - although I have done this and if you are only after free accomm. they sniff it out pretty quick. Or work for accommodation - doing a couple of hours in the morning is not a bad way to go. Although I will point out that seven days a week gets old fast. Or something like you mentioned; WWOOFing or one of the other organisations - with food and housing provided. If you are into experiences as well as leisure side of travel these are definitely options for you.

That is all pretty general though; but perfectly viable. Specific to Australia I would say (as an Australian and to be completely honest) the standard of hostels here is rubbish. And other options are not so great either i.e. room sharing. Buying a van used to be great value - now most "backpacker" places have sorted out that they want budget-travelers paying to stay e.g. signage all over Byron Bay saying "no sleeping here" and rangers go around giving fines if they catch you. So you will need to factor that in. Camping ground costs etc.; although if you get a newish version of Camps ( things are much easier.

As far as how much money - hard to say really. What kind of traveler are you? Some people love all the freebies while others refuse to breathe if they can not have their weekend long benders. Goon is always handy - so is having a local guide. If you are going to do everything - e.g. skydive, East Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Byron etc. - you really will need a tonne of cash. Although all this is my opinion obviously and I hope you have a great trip. I have done most of Australia now and it can be quite an amazing country - NZ is nice too if you get a chance. Flights can be cheap and you get more for your dollar ;) - and it is so beautiful.

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Hi im from barossa south australia if your looking to come over at that time and are interested in workinglook into doing a vintage. Its quite easy money you can earn up to $20,000 in three months and the barossa is a lovely place to visit. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask me :)

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I live in Melbourne for the last 2 years or so, I have come from NZ and I have to say it is soooooo cheap here. hostels staying in a dorm is about $18 a night roughly, food is inexpensive, trains run all the time everywhere.

which can be used on trains,buses,trams and you just need to top it up every so often.

you are 21 so I am guessing the nightlife which I might add is sort of expensive highly overrated nonetheless must be experienced.

Don't take taxi's massive rip offs, you are better off using public transport and staying in the city.

As for jobs, have your visa and you can pick up jobs anywhere, although I would suggest hospitality as it is an easy industry and most places understand your here for a working/holiday.

Living here is pretty easy and reasonably cheap!
Melbourne is full of really friendly people!!..........

If you plan on going to NZ let me know I know the best places!!!

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Hi there,

Thanks for all the feedback really appreciated,

I would travel and would like to do activities however it would not blow all my money straight away, upon reading all of your comments I do think I would need to maybe save up more money as I don't want to work straight away once there.

I plan to fly into Adelaide and then work my way right up to Cairns and end my amazing year there.

I have a few questions to ask if you could be so kind,

Can anyone recommend hotels to stay at in Adelaide so that I can get my head down upon arrival due to jetlag and just get settled for a couple of days?

Best ways to travel from city to city?

Taril13 what is a vintage?

Thanks for all the information.