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1. Posted by Liamyoung (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hey Guys,

This is my first post on here, sorry if i'm writing the same content as the last 100 newcomers. Here goes.

I am currently a 20 year old male student studying Criminology in the UK. I graduate in 2 years time. I have decided that when i graduate I want to travel all around the world, each and every continent. Whenever i voice my dream everybody seems to laugh about it and explain how unrealistic it is in today's climate but I have never been so sure of wanting to do something in my life. I do not have access to a lot of money at all so I am going to start preparing and saving well in advance, if you have ANY advice on the whole money making whilst travelling situation then PLEASE let me know.

Back to the story, I have joined the forum to ask any fellow travelers on their experiences and the best ways to go about them. I LOVE meeting new people and I aim to network globally so please feel free to speak to me and share your stories/advise! I am a man with a plan but no idea how to activate it.


Sorry about this, I also apologies for the poor writing I am on powerful painkillers at the minute!

2. Posted by askgudmundsen (Travel Guru 69 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Whenever people asks me where to go, I usually answer the same: Research for a bit longer... Ask me which places I liked the most I'll give you a long ramble but wouldn't expect you to go there just because I liked it...

The problem about asking others where they think you should go is that you'll end up with their itinerary instead of your own...

Figuring out where to go is a pain - especially when you have limited time/money and can't go everywhere! Instead I advise people to think about what's intriguing them about going abroad: Is it a different climate, a certain history (say Soviet or the Middle Ages), extremely different cultures (tribes or islanders) or cities/scenery like nothing you have at home... Answering this will help you narrow your research - and research will be need in order to chose the right country, region on itinerary..

My first big trip was half a year after the Mohammed cartoons had inflamed Arab tempers all over the world, being a Dane I decided to go to the Middle East getting a closer look at the peoples and challenge the way local news portrayed them as backward fanatics.. I enjoying my trip greatly!

If you look for meeting locals go where the culture demand hospitality towards guest and visitors, as it will be a lot easier to get under the skin of the countries.. If you're looking for future business networks stay at "developed" countries and places like Brazil, China and India...

But again research is key, and you can't really get a complete picture from travel forums.. Instead start by focusing on a certain region or country with features that interests you.. Hit wikipedia, wikitravel, search out blogs from those places and hit BBC World and CNN to get an idea about what's currently going on...

When you have an idea about where to go, return to the forums to ask more specific advise about where to go, if X should be preferred to Y, if this and this place is good for that and that... You will certainly get more useful advise that way :)

On getting the money I'd find a job for that specific purpose... It might be the crappiest thing ever, but the knowledge of the big prize usually makes me stick it out.. Put all the money from that job on a separate account and lock it if necessary till you begin to buy equipment for your trip...
Further you can prolong travels working for a months or so at hostels, bars or tour companies in popular backpacker destinations... You won't make money, but being a little careful you might break even, giving you an extra month or two on the road, though you won't be going anywhere new...

A global network of travel friends and acquaintances will come automatically once you hit the hostel scene...

And a last thing: Don't let anybody tell you against you plan... Todays climate? I fart in the general directions of such remarks... I got a lot of them when I when to the Middle East.. A few Danes I met down there kept telling locals they where from Iceland...
I went and came back a richer and better person.. And have kept going to all the places everybody else don't wanna step foot in

Sorry for the long post.. Hope there was a useful or two remarks somewhere along the way..


3. Posted by Liamyoung (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

thank you very much! that is inspiring! do you recommend any books on travelling? Time isn't going to be an issue as I want this part of my life to take up a good 10 years minimum! I am looking for potential business networking aswell! Just reading up on it fascinates me I cannot actually wait!!

how did you find the middle east? how did you come back a richer person if you dont mind me asking, if you do mind then pretend I never asked :)


4. Posted by askgudmundsen (Travel Guru 69 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Especially the people's hospitality towards guests was astonishing, and something I've taken with me.. And the just the mark on me, this first big travel did have been lasting... Travelling (roughing it) generally tend improve on open-mindedness, solution-orientation and understanding of peoples motives, beliefs and the influence of culture...

The place (and people) I enjoyed the most was Syria.. Sadly it's a hot zone now... Hopefully it will quite down soon... I manage to travel the West-Bank and Sudan on the same trip, but Syria is too dangerous right now..

After the Middle East I spend four years as a travelling bump... Returning home every six month or so to work shitty job and save up money before going back in the road living for as little as possible to be able to say out as long as possible... Finally I got tied of never having any money, a began university.. I made sure I still saved, when on exchanged and studied half time in order to get four-months summer vacations to travel in...
Got my bachelor in January and will be on the road till I start my masters in September, making sure it includes plenty of research trips...

So you can easily spend you twenties travelling without being out all the time... That said, some people stay out, even though they are usually a little older, when they take off for good... Very few even make enough money on travel blogs to say travelling, though few actually have the stamina and duration for keeping of a blog worth an income since it's a lot of hard work....

I find Paul Theroux's The Tao of Travel a good "beginners book"... It's new (2011) and a mash of quotes and paragraphs from his favorite travel writers, giving you a broad introduction to whom to read next... Note that he got a very narrow and arrogant attitude on how to travel in the right way... I might have enjoy it just because I agree with his basis and attitude

5. Posted by Liamyoung (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I am so excited, I will give the book a good read when I next check in at the library! Where are your travels leading you next? did you do it solo or with a partner?

Thanks mate!

6. Posted by askgudmundsen (Travel Guru 69 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

My first trip was with a buddy.. Not a close friend, but someone I new... Haven't spoken to him since we got back from the Middle East.. Spending every woken minute with a person (there's ways to get around that of course, but we didn't know them) makes you grow fed up with each other... We parted as friends, but at no need to see each other again and just drifted apart...

After that I've been travelling alone, picking up company along the way, but only for short periods of time and only if I really needed company... Mostly I've get along fine with travellers I meet in hostels and the like... The ones I share most with goes on Facebook and we're able to check each others travel progress from time to time...

Right now I'm on the Trans-Siberian.. 1½ month into a 7 months Denmark - Mongolia round-trip without flying... If you'd like you can follow it here (in fluctuating quality) - some of it is just stories from the road, some of it is more meta-travel about travelling itself.. The last bits probably being the most useful for you...


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7. Posted by beiusei (Budding Member 17 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I have been in S.America... and it is very cheap, even if you buy fun activities as kayaking, horseback riding ...etc, but you should settle for accommodation in hostels or campings, travel by bus(flights are very expensive).

In these months i am planning several itineraries that i will pubblish on this website, and i am also looking for people to join in it ... you could take a look if you want... but i need time to prepare it.

One of the chepest way of travel is couchsurfing and workaway dot info, search it on the web.

good Luck

8. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member 155 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Save Save Save,
whatever people say how cheap things are it never is that cheap unless you are sleeping rough and eating out of bins that said you can manage your budget by not drinking too much, cooking your own food eating out where the locals eat etc etc.

If you intend on working generally you will need a working visa and these can take longer than a tourist visa so check this out for the countries you intend working in. DON'T TRY WORKING WITHOUT ONE if you are caught you could end up in jail.

Don't forget to factor in the cost of Visas
Medical & travel insurance
Cost of inoculation and malaria tablets see a healthcare professional for this.

Check out the best deals for withdrawing your money from ATMs. by getting yourself a good current account.
Same goes for credit cards look for the best deals, I'd advice to pay off monthly the amount you have spent by setting up a standing order.

Don't use Internet cafes for Internet Banking, might not be a secure line, some countries will allow you to use the libraries computers for free, use good hotels business sections these will generally have secure lines. You can never be too cautious where your precious money is concerned.

If you intend traveling alone, hostels are a good place to meet like minded people

Check out these websites, you'll find masses of information on these sites.

You'll need to check out the climate and weather in the different countries this will dictate the way round the world you will go.

Check out volunteer groups where you get your board and lodging for free. Some groups will charge you so watch out for this one.

Don't change money on the street, it's illegal to do this in some countries.

When you buy your flight tickets if it is a round the world one read the small print covering change of date and route, some alliances charge the earth for any changes after departure. You never know when you might need to change a date.

Anyhow can't thin of anything else for now, get saving.


9. Posted by Melodee50 (Budding Member 8 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Don't let anyone talk you out of this trip. Anyone who tries is just jealous they don't have the nerve to do it to! Just do it.

I didn't read everything so hope this isn't repetitious. To save money on where to sleep and avoid sleeping in train stations, I highly recommend checking out: - a website filled with people who open their homes to travelers. Some offer rooms, some a couch bed, some a blow up bed on the floor. But they're all free and many of the hosts really enjoy showing you around. I've hosted couchsurfers and really enjoyed it. is people offering to rent a room/bed/couch in their home for small fees. Many are less expensive than a hostel in the same area while providing you with your own room and sometimes your own toilet. Again, many of the hosts are eager to help out with museum reservations, where to eat/drink/party. Many have wifi.

Oh, and take twice the money and half the clothes you think you'll need.

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