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Hey guys and gals!

This November i will be making my first trip overseas to Canada!! It's going to be winter and as i am from North QLD Australia i obviously have no idea what sort of clothing to pack/ buy!?! if anyone could give me some info / sites on where i can find appropriate clothing that would be heaps appreciated!

Cheers guys :)

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Hi Sarah,

Where exactly are you going to travel. November can be cold, but hardly any real winter temperatures in most of the country except way up north.
I was in Quebec a month ago with temperatures down to -23C at night, but was fine with regular winter clothes and some thermo socks and underwear in case you wanna spend longer hours outside. And for dogsledding some real thick clothes were provided anyway.

Cheers and have fun

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Michael has a valid point about where you're going. Canada is about 6,000 km, 4 time zones, 2 oceans.

As to buying, I would suggest buying where you're going; true, I don't know about Australia weather, but you might not be able to find appropriate clothing near home. And which store type matters if you'll be skiing, hiking, fishing, etc.

I met a Lebanese student years ago who was told at his local Canadian consulate that he would need very warm clothing... in August; it was 25c when he landed.

Also what you'll be doing here; for instance, in Vancouver I get by with a windbreaker around the city on most winter days, but I wouldn't be able to do that in Whistler or Banff (google for locations & distances).

Google, weather sites, tourism sites...

Regardless of where you go, as many Australians have said on sites such as this one, you'll have a fine time. Preparation is the key.

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Hey Sarah

I'm currently travelling Siberia, I'm getting by without the massive ski gear one might except :)

First of all, bring at least two sets of thermo socks and underwear.. You're probably gonna be wearing this every time you're gonna be outside for more than an hour... It will get sweaty and needs to be washed often, if you're taking you personal hygiene with you when you travel (personally I don't)...

Besides that, dress in layers... I'm usually wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt and a warm jacket on top of the thermo... If you're walking a lot a pair of solid pants will be enough whenever it's warmer than -20c... I've brought normal ski pants as well but rarely use them (and rather because of snow, not the cold)... A pair of fingerless gloves and a pair of ski gloves... If it's really cold I wear the ski gloves on top of the others... Mostly though I just keep my hands in my pockets...

A warm hat is essential, maybe even also a balaclava if you really don't like the cold... But that might be easier to get when you're over there...

Enjoy Canada - it's a pretty awesome place...

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Hey Sarah,

Around November you will be fine with a light winter coat and a sweater/hoodie. Some days you might need both. If you are going to be in the west coast I suggest a good set of rain gear. Yep it rains here a lot, which translated to snow in the mountains :) This is my short version. If you want more info just private message me :) I have lived all across the country and I like to think I know what I'm talking about. haha.

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My cousin (northern Ontario) suffers with dry/cracked lips due to the cold, and can often lead to bleeding. Petroleum jelly can help prevent this, not sure how to cure it though.
Its something probably worth your consideration.

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Quoting dbl-nkl

Canada is about 6,000 km, 4 time zones, 2 oceans.

Actually it's 6 time zones and 3 oceans ;)

For the OP, as others have said, it really depends where in the country you're planning on going. Your best bet is to bring clothes that you can layer rather than bulky jumpers that take up space in your backpack.

If you're going to be around Vancouver or Vancouver Island, you'll need good quality waterproof gear. November is the start of the rainy season and it will be cool, grey, foggy and damp even when it's not raining.

For any coastal areas (East, West or North) be prepared for highly changeable and unstable weather. You'll go through 4 seasons in a day.

Temps will be fairly consistent across the country at that time of year (except for the northern territories which will be substantially colder). You're looking at daytime highs of 10-12C and overnight lows around 0C. It will be slightly milder on the east and west coasts than the interior of the country, but not by much. Towards the end of November, you'll start to see more of a temperature spread. It will start to drop into the negative temperature ranges everywhere except the east and west coasts. December/January is when winter really kicks into gear.

Don't let the weather dictate your plans, otherwise you will spend all your time indoors. It's an awesome country. You'll have a lot of fun.

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