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1. Posted by oricoop (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,

Me and my girlfriend planning a road trip during July. There are so many options so every day we changing our mind about where exactly in Europe we want to go. We though about a road between Amsterdam to Zurich, about the romantic road in Germany, about north or south Spain. Because of that I would like to explain a bit what we looking for and hear your ideas about where do you think we should go. Any option and new ideas will be welcomed.

Here is what we looking for:
1. Total time of the trip 10-14 days.
2. We want to start, to end, or both, in a nice city where we can stay for 2-3 nights.
3. We looking to drive in a scenic road, not the highway.
4. Of course the beauty of the road is important but more than that we looking to enjoy people and cultures so nice towns/cities along the way are a must.
5. We not looking to hike or do any outdoor activities this time. Just to enjoy few hours driving a day and visit a new place every day where we can stay and enjoy.
6. Looking to stay in decent hotels in areas where u have restaurants and other places open at night.
7. We are 32 years old. Don't want to do so much "old people" trip.

Will be happy to answer any questions that will help you to help me.

So, any suggestions?



2. Posted by mariha2912 (Full Member 120 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

You can always head to Athens. Then take Palaia Ethniki Odos Athens-Lamia till Levadia and head to Amfissa area. You could overnight either in Arahova either in Delphi, visit the UNESCO heritage site and museum in Delphi and maybe do a side trip to Galaxidi . Then through Arahova head up to mountain Parnassos. You could explore the ski center and dirt tracks inside the fire tree forest or head dtraight to Agoriani, a very nice village. You could drive around some of the mountain villages there, then go to Gravia and Bralos (modern E65 highway here) and end up in Damasta. A popular monastery to visit there plus many local produce on tomatoes and other vegitables. From Damasta you can drive west through many secondary roads and scenic mountain villages even visiting the famous Gorgopotamos bridge. You can then head to Lamia and drive on the E952 to Karpenisi. You could spend a couple of nights here exploring the surrounding area, very nice scenery, traditional villages etc You could then go south on E052 through Kremaston lake towards Agrinio, then from Agrinio head to Astakos area through secondary roads. Astakos features a small harbour and is a pleasant sea side town. Heading north through the sea side small road, you will pass by Mytikas, Paleros, and Pogonia then you drive slightly inland to Vonitsa/Agios Nikolaos and then you could drive to Lefkas island (only a small bridge connects the island to mainland!). YOu could spend whatever days you want in order to explore the island, then head north to Preveza (visit Ancient Nikopolis) and drive on the E55. Many nice coastal town to drive through or stay on along this route, I thing leaving E55 for a while and heading to Parga or even Syvota for a night might be a good idea. Then you vould head to Igoumenitsa and finish your trip either a)Taking a ferry to Corfu and enjoying this island, either b) heading to Ioannina on E90 and enjoy this great lake city and surrounding area.

3. Posted by galka_mak (Full Member 169 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I made a comment in your Germany thread and actually I would agree with you that Bawaria is the very nice area for 2 weeks car trip. That's exactly what you need - small nice cities, convenient roads, both - beautiful scenery (mountains, clear lakes), interesting places (Neuschweinstein castle, Herreninsel, Rottenburg) and lot of bars to spend the evenings.

But my everlasting love is Spain (there you will have everything - food, entertainment, nice people around) and in case if you're still considering - look for the road to Andalucia (Cordova, Granada, Seville, Cadiz) and maybe even part of Portugal (Algarve coast). You may start in Madrid and finish in Lisbon for example. The only suggestion - there are too many places worth to see in that region and your 2 weeks will be exactly not enough. And it may be too hot in July.

As for Amsterdam - it's a city trip - it's better to go there for 3-4 days and then to use trains to travel in Netherlands (it's country of bikes - you will be not very comfortable with the car in the cities).

Zurich is a good start for the trip around Switzerland - I can't say that it's exacly "old people trip" :) - it's very beautiful country. But as for me you have much better options.

4. Posted by Love_Travelling (Budding Member 52 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I would suggest Switzerland for beautiful sceneries!

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