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1. Posted by ali-baba (Budding Member 18 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

hi -

just arrived in Rome with a blank schedule for the next 9 days. Anyone else here to hang out/travel with? Or, any suggested itineraries or "do not miss" stops?

thanks -


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Hi alibaba ! Don't miss anything in Rome but try to by-pass anywhere at the south of it...last year we were unlucky because robbers of naples was going to kill my wife whilst trying to take her bag away on a motorcycle. She had to stay in a neurochirurgy clinic and broke her wrist. I'm a doctor and a motorcyclist,travelled almost all europe but never been worried so much about my security as in southern italy.Don't forget their target is anyone who do not live in this city ; tourists.
Anybody asking to proove these I can send the copies of carabinieri and hospital reports.

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While Napoli is known for theifs and scam artists, there are some beautiful places around there not to be missed, as well as in the south of italy. Just keep your eye out and try not to look like the naive tourist to keep most away. Where possible leave locked backpacks or luggage in safe storage, and carry only the essentials in a small pack that stays close to your body, or in a money belt. Best advice - do not try to fight them off, it's not worth never know who you will meet and your life is worth more than your bags. (Keep a copy of your information and passports somewhere just in case.) I have travelled all over italy, spain, portugal and france and have never had any problems, but you never know..

I reccommend Pompeii which can be acessed by a two connecting trains from rome to napoli to pompeii. The islands of Ischia or Capri are also beautiful and easily accessed by reasonably cheap ferries from napoli or sorrento. You can spend the day there or stay overnight depending on how fast you want to move on.

Check out for train schedules and special rates.

There is a weekend ferry you can take from civitavecchia (accessed on a rural train from rome-45 min) that will take you to Palermo, Sicily overnight, spend the day in the city and leave the following night to come back sunday day. It is worth it if you are interested in seeing Sicily, and this is great weather to do it in.

Going north, Venice is not to be missed, as well as a stop in Florence and smaller tuscan towns like San Gimignano...

There are also a bunch of little trains easily accessed by the rural trains from Rome that have old castles, and thermal baths.

Have fun and lots of adventures...

Good pizza in Rome and cheap bar in Trastevere San Calisto Pizza and Bar Calisto Campo de fiori has alot of tourist bars if you are looking for travelling companions

4. Posted by hasip (Full Member 24 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

besides all the suggestions you read here you might have 1 free day left and if that is so , go to the trainstation early morning and take a ticket to orvieto .
it's a fantastic place to hang out for a day and let the italian life come to you .
at the trainstation walk or take a bus to the upper part of town and enjoy the beautifull duomo and everything around it , the narrow streets and taste the lovely dry wine :)
take care that you don't miss the last train back to rome !

5. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey Ali

Here's some info I sent to someone else recently - she was on a three day trip....

Hey Kristy,

Okay Rome is next. Basically, you have to resign yourself to the fact that you will be returning to Rome at some point and will not get it all done in 3 days!

If you are staying near the Termini you are about 30 mins walk (I think) or a busride from all the major sites. Personally, I think walking around Rome is the way to do it. What I loved about it was the fact that one minute you could be walking along a major shopping street, you would turn a corner and you would be right in front of a magnificant ancient piece of architecture. Brilliant.

You're going to LOVE Rome.

OKay, this is what I would advise:

Day 1: Do one side of the Tiber: Get a bus to the main street - The Via Corso. Get a map and from there you can see The Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Piazza Navona, the SPanish Steps, the Via Condotti (where all the expensive shops are - Gucci, Armani, etc....worth a look!). The Colosseum and surrounding ruins, and the Circus Maximum are all on this side of the Tiber.

Day 2: Other side of the river: The Vatican, the Sistine Chapel (leave a lot of time for these if you are interested in Art!)

Note: make sure to wear appropriate clothes if you are planning to visit St. Peters.

Day3: Just come back into the centro and wander around the shops. Go for some Italian coffee.....try a corretto (it's like an espresso with a free shot of grappa)

There are some beautiful piazzas (squares) around the city where you can sit and watch the world go by. Rome is full of little surprises. Try and go off the beaten track to get food...avoid the guys who stand outside the restaurants in the main tourist areas calling you in (these places are usually more pricey!) although it can be worth it for the atmosphere - depends on what you like, I suppose.

Make sure to visit one of Rome's gelaterias (ice-cream palours). The ice-cream is orgasmic! I recommend the Cassata (an Italian speciality).

Piazza Navona has an open market (I think on Sundays...although Im not certain - check this out).

Rome is absolutely amazing - if you need more specifics, e.g. info on buses/trains/etc.....good bars/restaurants...etc..let me know)

PM me if you want any more help Ali. Enjoy Rome - wish I was there!


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Hi Ali-baba

you've got a lot suggestion from these people.

I've just to say walk around Rome, see Napoli and eat pizza there if you can go to Costiera amalfitana (Positano) and if you have time go to Florence or Perugia and Assisi. Also venice if you have time is really good.

I suggest you to go by train it's easier check here the train:

Have a nice time

7. Posted by ali-baba (Budding Member 18 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for all your suggestions! I am having a great time and plan to head to florence, then sicily for the remainder of my time. Any advice on hostels or places not to miss?