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just found you guys -i`m 65, been drinking beer since 1952 ( if you were old enough in new orleans to reach up to the bar with your quarter, you could get a beer )

my favorites, for what its worth, are:
let`s start in new orleans, of course ---DIXIE - been there forever - i still get one (or more) when i visit annually --- ABITA - a relative newcomer, but excellent -the larger and the ale-

in the far east ---someone mentioned TIGER -its very good - at least it was for ten hours one day/night in a hong kong (kowloon, actually) back in 1970 ---as to vietnamese beer - remember the popular phrase, "it`s all in the water" ?? well, that`s why no VN beer tastes good ----- all japanese beers are good (ASAHI, my favorite) --and china is coming on strong ---SAN MIGUEL, from the phillipines, used to be "number one, GI !" but it`s changed somewhat, and is harder to find

its hard to knock any german brews, and PILSEN (chech), of course, is as good as it gets --i stay away from the belgium products (maybe i shouldn`t) because i do not appreciate "flavored" beers (and my youngest daughter, who does, keeps trying to get me to like them)

england ---"bitter" is "better" - i can go with this -- an evening just outside of stratford-on-youknowwhat resulted in a fantastic night of HOCK NORTON on tap -wonderful stuff !!!

the aussie`s do lots of great brews, FOSTERS being just one of them - one of my unwritten rules is : if unsure of what`s offered, go with an aussie - any aussie

back to the USA --and where i`ll irk some novice tastebuders, probably --- BUD and MILLER and COORS products suck ! SAM ADAMS is greatly over-rated --ROLLING ROCK is terrible --- SIERRA NEVADA is good - try a GEARY`S product from portland, maine -- or even a PALMETTO from charleston, S.C. --and even though it`s not what it used to be before being bought-out years ago, and its difficult to find, i still love a bottle of, what we called years ago, "green death" --i.e. BALLENTINE ALE.

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I prefer stouts and other dark beers.. Guiness being my favorite. Newcastle, killians, pilsener follow .. In american brews my favorites are Yuengling and good old brooklyn lager.. I pretty much agree with you on Bud, Miller,Coors .. though fosters has never been my beer

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This sounds like the perfect thread for Mr. Isa!

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for me i like Budvar, Tiger, and a few local beers in Czech..... hate with a passion Budweiser , Miller, Coors, Heinekin, fosters ( ughhh headache time ) and guinness is just too heavy...

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Pivo (i think it's Slovenian) is nice..

Tiger (yum)

Corona ( got addicted to it in San Fran).


Superbok (Portuguese)

I am partial to a glass of Guinness, I'm afraid, but us women have to curb our enthusiasm or we'd end up looking like our Dads!

The Porter House in Templebar in Dublin brew their own beers and they have some delicious ones that I cant remember the names of. If youre in Dublin, check them out. ;)

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Quoting areinstein

This sounds like the perfect thread for Mr. Isa!

Welcome potterpan!

There is another beer thread in the General Talk forum that you may find very interesting. It is now on page three, but here is the link:

Yes, Mr. Isa will most likely be making an appearance for this thread! Leave a beer question unanswered?? NEVER!!! (As you will learn - everyone else has - my husband (aka: Mr. Isa) is a brew master for a regional brewery in Wisconsin.)

(Side note - I think we have another double identitiy... I just checked your profile potterpan, and I have the feeling you may not be a 59 yr old female named Susan. I could be wrong. That's okay - we are the isadoras and not just one schizophrenic loony - I don't think...)

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Sorry, forgot to say the other thread in General Talk is called "Best Beers!" - though I'm sure you'd recognize it immediately.