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1. Posted by Marlie1929 (Budding Member 11 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Ok, sliightly dumb question but I've never been out of Europe so I will need some advice!

I've posted a few other questions on here which I've had some great responses on. I'm budgeting for the following, now spanning over 6-7 months, but we'll probably travel for as long as the money lasts so if it ends sooner, so be it.

Japan - South Korea (we'll see how the situation is next year when we plan to go...) - China - Vietnam (by bus) - Phillipines/Indonesia/Malaysia (in the easiest order in terms of flights/ferries etc) Thailand, possibly Laos, and then depending on our budget, finish with a nice week in the Maldives with us being so close!

Any idea on a budget for a couple? We're not drinkers or shoppers, but we enjoy hiking, diving (already certified), climbing etc. And we want nice places to stay!

Bringing us back to the subject title lol, my main problem I'm having budgeting is what kind of accommodation to go for. We want private basic rooms, but really clean... I'm a wuss when it comes to bugs in my room. My sister has done Thailand and she's worse than me, but says I just have to toughen up and deal with it! But she went years ago and had cheap beach huts to stay in. So if I go for a/c rooms does that generally mean its clean and bug free? We certainly cant afford 4/5* but we definitely want to sleep comfortably! (Although certain rainforest excursions I've got my eye on wont give us much choice...) So do I budget for nice hostels/guesthouses/hotels? And what kind of price per night am I looking at?

Also, how bad is the bug situation out there? really? Hundreds of cockroaches running round? Man-eating spiders at the foot of your bed? Foot long wasps buzzing around all night? Lol...

Can you actually live with it and enjoy yourself? and not just be a pathetic panicking mess all the time?

2. Posted by katie84 (Budding Member 66 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

:)Ok put it in to perspective a little, these things are more scared of you than them. If your planning on jungle trekking then yea you may experiance more bugs than you would in resorts.
Bangkok has a serious roach problem but non of the hostels I stayed in did! One I had tiny ants in my bed but not a big deal. I didnt pay more than £8 a night either.

My current situation is I live in a bamboo hut which ill be living in until september. I live with Geckos (very common small house ones) which keep any mossies or flys out. I have a water dragon who lives under my house and a toad who lives in my sink. All totally cool. I have seen no spiders in my hut and the ones I see are small. Outside yea I see the odd wasp who is pretty big and nasty but I get out the way. Not seen a single roach and I live in an enviroment where food is constantly around and pack dogs pull the rubbish.
Im used to a western bedroom but yesterday we had a massive storm and no electricity, I have holes in my house where the door and windows arent flush to the building. I use and outside toilet (i will admit I always check under the seat) and shower and mostly eat outside.
My first nights sleep I thought I wouldnt but I can hand on heart say I have the best nights sleeps since I got here. Maybe its the sound of the Tokay Gecko, cicadeas or Elephants which comfort me.
What Im trying to say is try not to over think it, embrace your new surroundings. Things arent as bad as you imagine! If you walk in to a hostel and its dirty then dont stay. If you plan on staying in beach huts then yes you will prob encounter some bugs and stuff, just keep calm. :)
I will also add that I think youll be pleasantly suprised at the cleanliness of buget hostels and rooms, although they will be basic most are spotless.

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3. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1933 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hello Marlie. A trip of six or seven months is a long holiday! All of the countries in Asia are not equal in costs. Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore are more expensive than Thailand, Philippines, Laos and Cambodia. Starting from Thailand you can easily get to Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and flights to Vietnam are not that expensive.

How much money you need depends on your spending. And if you must pay for long flights. Work up a budget and see how much per day you can afford for hotels. There are NO STAR hotels that also have rooms with air conditioning, private toilet, TV and clean towels. But usually no star, budget hotels do not have the extras like gyms, saunas, hairdressers, fancy lobbies and office areas, etc.

Your hotel prices, other than flying expenses, will be your daily expense that start with. You can always find somewhere to eat cheap, even if you buy baloney from a supermarket and make sandwiches. I can survive on good old fried rice in any Asian country. Usually it is cheap and it fills you up.

Always wash your hands before putting food in your mouth. This means just before you touch food you stick in your mouth wipe your hand off with wet-wipes. (Moistened hand wipes.) Just assume everything your hand touches is dirty with all sorts of stuff!! This does a lot to keep you from getting sick.

Bugs. Rooms with A/C on and windows shut will probably be more bug free than fan only rooms. Mosquitoes seem to find the appropriate size hole in the screen and enter fan only rooms. Some hotels have bug spray you can borrow. Expect little tiny ants around the bathroom sink. Just flush them away. Roaches in a room - you may get a few, especially if your hotel room is over a kitchen. I have come across more roaches in the Philippines than Thailand in the cheaper places I stayed at. Outside or even if you are on a ground floor you may come across really big roaches, the kind that crunch loudly when you step on them. You will find bugs that are cooked and for sale by street vendors too. Just woman up and ignore what you can.

If you are a bug magnet for mosquitoes wear long sleeves, long pants and use Deet when there are more mosquitoes out. Sometimes you just have to take what comes up like an adult when it comes to insects. Geckos sometime fall off of hotel ceilings but don't scare them away because they eat small bugs that may bite you.

For 6 or 7 months you have to set your banks up ahead of time to allow you to make debit card withdrawals when overseas. You shouldn't travel around with a sack of money to pay for everything. Have more than one debit card in case one card is stolen or damaged.

Check on the visa requirements for each country. A shorter holiday will allow you more money per day to spend on hotels, entertainment, transportation, etc.

Good luck.