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I will be flying from Copenhagen to Buenos Aires via Newark airport, and then back from Lima to Copenhagen via Newark again. I have 7 and then 10 hour layovers in Newark and was wondering if anyone knew the process there? It is possible to have your luggage checked in all the way through to the end destination, or do I have to collect it and then check it in again?
I would love to get out of the airport for a bit... :)


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I believe that once you have your luggage checked in, it will go all the way through to your final destination. The only thing you have to carry around with you is your carry on. A 7 & 10 hour layover is enough time for you to check out NYC!

Safe travels.

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Yeah, that's what I though, but I'm getting different info...
Would be kinda neat going into NYC, - haven't been there since 2005 :)


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I just did a quick search and it's not quite clear to me whether international transfers require you to collect luggage again.
If you would have a domestic connection, it certainly is required to collect luggage and check in again, but there are special counters for that and you don't have to get in long lines at the main desks again.
So I would just see and ask and if so: it doesn't cost you much time.
As on the way back I had a domestic flight and then international flight (so leaving USA), it was automatically checked through, so it might apply to international transfers as well.


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Thanks Michael,
I guess I'll just have to prepare for both, would be great to get rid of the pack and spend some time outside the airport :)


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Your airline should be able to answer your question about luggage being checked all the way through. However, keep in mind that IF you leave the secured area of the airport, you will have to go through security for an Internaional flight again.

In Canada, you have to be at the airport 3hrs before... The same rule porbably applies in the US, this will greatly cut into your actual time away from the airport, especially when you count travel time to and from the city

This link will help you with options for getting from Newark to Manhatten...

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Thanks for this. The link looks really good.
You might be right about my time tough, especially on the way down. On the way back I have 10 hours which should be sufficient, - plus that is on a Sunday which means less traffic.


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Make sure you have a visa or are from a country where a visa is not required and have completed the ESTA travel authorization online:

Otherwise you won't be allowed to leave the airport in Newark. (We don't just allow people to come to this country (USA) and leave the airport without going through passport/immigration control) This involves everyone--and I mean everyone--having been checked out by our FBI and Homeland Security Departments ahead of time.