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I'm off interrailing around Europe in July with the the Inter Rail 1 month pass for all zones, but I was wondering if anyone knew how it works - does it last the length of a specific month (i.e would it just last the whole of July) or does it last 30 or 31 days from the start date? (because i want to go from 6th July to begining of August)

Also the route I am planning is Amsterdam - Berlin - Prague - Cesky Krumkov - Vienna - Ljublijana - Zagreb - Venice - Florence - Perugia - Rome - Pisa.

I would love to hear anyones opinions on this route from people who have interrailed before, or if anyone has any hostels or points of interest to recommend along the way. (e.g i've heard croatias costline is worth a visit but i am finiding it hard to fit in the route)

Looking forward to hear your replies!

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Hi, i went to eastern europe last year and western europe the year before, and have been to all of the places on your list. I would personally say to miss out Zagreb and go to somewhere on the Istrian coast instead, it should be fairly easy to get to Venice from this point and will save making the trip eastward to Zagreb just to come back west to Venice.

In terms of the inter-rail pass it lasts a certain number of days, i think it is 30 though not sure anymore. You can get it to start on any day you want, doesnt have to be the beginning of the month and then it runs out 30 consecutive days later. Of course, if your trip is slightly longer then this is fine as generally your last day wont involve any rail travel.

Do u specifically need to end up in Pisa, becasue if not then i would say you are better off doing Florence, Pisa, Perugia then Rome as it would save you travelling down, then back up Italy.

On the Amsterdam to Berlin route i would recommend taking a night train as it takes a good 9 or 10 hours, but make sure u buy a bed. When i went i decided to save money and just sit in the seat and try to sleep and it was the worst night sleep i have ever gotten. Spent my first day in Berlin in the hostel sleeping it off. Berlin to Prague should take you around 5 hours. One thing id say about prague is to make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get your train ticket to cesky Krumlov - i dont think i encountered a worse tain stn anywhere in Europe. I found it to be quite disorientating and not at all well sign posted. It is fine to return to, you get the hang of it, but on my first trip there i had a horrendous time. Also dont accept anyones help with the ticket machines as they will only ask you for money (i made this mistake on my first trip!)

Cesky Krumlov is fabulous - i think they have an offical youth hostel there and it is quite nice. Everything is really close together so you wont be needing any public trasnport, though you will need to get a cab from the train station to town - unless you fancy a 2 mile walk! You wont need a lot of time there though, i only spent 1 day and saw everything there was to see. Be prepared to spend money though as there are loads of really nice souvenirs you can buy. Also make sure to have time just to wander around and eat a nice meal as it is very cheap, much more so than Prague these days.

If you have any more questions please feel free to drop me a line and il be more than happy to help.


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Thanks Nicola that is very useful

I wasn't sure about going to Cesky Krumlov as it would mean going back on myself when going back to prague but from what you say it sounds like it is worth it so i'll definitely include it in my route, thanks. Maybe i'll just go for one night though. I will also look to see if it is possible to go straight to Vienna from Cesky Krumlov.

Thats also useful about missing out Zagreb for the Istrian coast as i was trying decide whether to do that or if it was to hard to get too. But i've now noticed there is a summer train from Ljublijana to Pula, does anyone know if Pula is worth a visit? and then theres a boat from Pula to Trieste (or venice, can't remember) but i dont know if i could use my interrail pass on the boat.

I think i noticed a train from amsterdam to berlin lasting 5/6 hours but i'll have to double check.

Thanks for your advice

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Just a word of caution. I actually did Pula last year and tried to get to Ljubljana - tried being the operative word!! I ended up having to go to Rijeka first and satying the night in a rather expensive 4* hotel then going to Ljubljana from there. I too thought there was a train straight from Pula to Ljubljana as that is what various timetables said, but there wasnt. In fact, thinking about it there werent really trains to anywhere apart from perhaps Zagreb, we got the bus - a more common use of transport around Croatia.

Pula is very nice though, and it is worth paying for a boat trip out the the surrounding islands. I think i got lunch with mine and was gone for about 6 hours or so and paid 20 Euros, which i thought was really reasonable.

You proably can get from Cesky Krumlov to Vienna, though may just have to go via Cesky Boudejovic (sp?) but that is not from from krumlov. is a really useful train timetable website for Europe.


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Thanks Nicola

I have now booked a hostel in Cesky Krumlov and have worked out a route.
I think i will probably head through italy and end up in rome like you said depending if i can get a cheap flight home.

Any ideas of a nice cheap hostel in prague?

Anna :)

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Dont go to the apple hostel - i found it very hard to actually locate in the first place and it was very noisy. I also stayed at Dejvice hostel which was quite nice - student dorms during the winter months, but quite well located. I would say to check out as this will give u lots of ideas as to what is available and the price.