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I am getting married in Sept of this year. We are going on honeymoon soon after, we have 16 nights/days and budget of approx £2200 each inc flights, the lot.

I've been around and seen a fair few places. I love being out there in the horrible overpopulated city or conversely in a misty remote rainforest, experiencing what the places have to offer. my fiancee hasn't been around the world quite so much but she is keen to go back to the West of the USA. Mainly LA, San Fran and or San Diego. We went to these places in 2011 (i dont like going back to the same place no matter how much i enjoyed them, but its what she really wants, and weddings are for girls after all!).

So, we decided on Hawaii. That way, we can drop by LA for a few days, maybe drive to San fran, fly to Hawaii from there. Then coming back im thinking NYC for a few days since we would stop off there to connect anyway.

SO, 3 nights LA, 6 nights Hawaii, 3/4 nights NYC. Could even split it to 3 nights NYC, 3 nights LA, 5 nights Hawaii, 2 nights San Fran on the way home.

Let me know what you think to the time scales? Splitting it down too much? Give me your thoughts please.

Basically what I'm asking is, what would you guys do with the money/time bearing in mind what i've said.

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Well, I'd spend time in Hawaii, also NYC, also Las Vegas--and some time on the road either at a golf resort near Monterey (Pebble Beach?) or between LA and San Francisco--probably at Santa Barbara and at a place convenient to a wine tour (Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, Santa Cruz/Monterey or Napa Valley.

My suggestion is 4 nights Hawaii, 1 night Los Angeles (shopping/dancing), 1 night at Santa Barbara, 1 night Cambria (romantic spot on the beach near Hearst Castle), 1 night Pebble Beach, 1 night San Francisco, 2 nights Las Vegas and 2 nights New York.

I know I'm cutting down your Hawaii and New York time, but I'm substituting the California coast and Las Vegas in exchange. It sounds like you and your new wife like to stay on the move, so this keeps you from getting bored and will have you in new places doing new things everyday.

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Okay, I decided to get a women's perspective as well (my wife's). Her view is that you should spend 9 days in Hawaii (3 on Oahu, 3 on Maui, and 3 on Kauai), 2 nights in San Francisco, and 2 in New York. She says skip Los Angeles, and skip Las Vegas during your honeymoon, but considering visiting on some future trip. Her comment is that you want romance, beautiful vistas, little driving, and lots of relaxation time. She says that my plan involves too much driving and not enough relaxation. She also says that beautiful vistas are not something you will find in the city of Los Angeles--and that the town is a place to go with kids (Disneyland and Universal Studios), but not for honeymooners.

Her points are all valid--guess that's why I ask her opinion on these things--so consider your options based upon these comments (although I still think the shows and pools (Mandalay Bay, Caesars Palace, or Hard Rock) in Las Vegas are worth a trip).

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thank you for your responses, it is very much appreciated!

The romance part you mentioned is a valid point! I will look into moving from island to island as that is something did not consider.

Hawaii: im thinking because this is very far from the UK, it may be worth staying there for as long as possible, as NYC and to a lesser extent, LA, are quite a bit closer and not much of an effort to get to.

Thanks for your ideas though, i've taken both your views into consideration.

THanks for helping!

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I think "Turkey-Antalya" is best place for honeymoon.

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So - where did you get to on your honeymoon? calcruzer's wife had it spot on I think.