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US west coast - BC canada - alaska: esta problems?

Travel Forums North America US west coast - BC canada - alaska: esta problems?

1. Posted by ij95 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

first of all, apologies if similar questions have already been answered or I'm posting it in the wrong place or whatever, I'm new here

I'm a British passport holder and my ESTA allows me 3 months in the US on the visa waiver program...

I plan to enter the US at San Ysidro and spend a bit less than 3 months on the west coast. Ideally I'd then make my way to Vancouver, up through BC and the Yukon (spending about 6 weeks in Canada in total) to Alaska, where I'd spend up to a month. I gather that it's at the discretion of Yukon/Alaska border officials whether I'd be allowed or refused reentry to the US (reason for refusal being that my time in Canada is seen simply as an attempt to cheat the system / 'reset the clock' on my ESTA)

  • Has anyone done something similar, successfully or unsuccessfully?
  • Can anyone shed some light on the likelihood of my being refused reentry to the US?
  • Would the fact that I'm attempting to make a specific journey - Panama Canal overland to Deadhorse AK - make any difference to this?
  • Would a booked return plane ticket from Anchorage to London make a difference?
  • Should I just get a B2 visa? I gather that the chances of refusal for a B2 are pretty high for someone like myself (not tied to the uk by marriage/employment/study/etc) and even if I don't get refused it sounds like a hassle I'd like to avoid if possible...

any input whatsoever would be much appreciated :) thanks!