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I am going to India for 2 months in a couple of weeks time. My Grandmother is very old and I'm worried that if the worst happens I won't be able to afford to return home.

I've been looking for backpacker insurance for the past few hours but I can only find policies that cover deaths in the immediate family, which excludes Grandparents. I need to find policy that include extended family.

Does anyone have experience with this problem or is anyone able to point me in the right direction?



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The problem here with insurance is that you want a policy for someone that could possibly die soon. The idea of insurance is that it is usually for healthy people so generally they look on it as they will not have to pay out. I do not think you will get a policy where an insurance company will think there is a good chance of having to pay out.

You are travelling in the relatively low season to India. Can you get a ticket with an open return date, so generally if you phone an airline and tell them a family member has died, many will do their best to get you on a flight home ASAP?

Many years ago I was in Bangkok and wanted to go home early (normal ticket). I phoned the airline and they said the equivalent of £150 to go early. I said no chance, but they took my telephone number and two days later rung me to say I could go that night. I said I'm not paying and they said there would be no charge. What happened is that they had a seat they could not fill so better to let me take it and then they have my seat for a later date that they may fill.

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Thanks for the advice. I managed to find cover with World Nomads who define 'immediate family' slightly different to most companies. Fingers crossed, everything will be alright though. :)

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