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I would like to study Spanish and look around in Quito for two weeks in August. Have gotten a bit spooked after reading the USA State Department's warnings about violent crime in Ecuador, including Quito. But I live in Chicago and there's plenty of that stuff here too. Is safely a problem in Quito for a reasonably street-savy person? Second question: I love running a few miles a day. Would that be possible in Quito?

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I went to Quito and felt pretty safe. I think the usual rules apply. Use your common sense, don't get into arguments with people, don't carry big fat loads of cash on you, etc etc. Quito is a great place. It's a weird feeling jumping across the red line they have that seperates the northern/southern hemisphere!!!

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Quito is like all other city. I am a white 19 years old girl and went by myself last year. I think it's safe and I also took some spanish lesson. Dont worry about safety, just be careful and as the person before answered, dont carry a lot of money on you. Once I almost got robbed but It was stupid from my part. I went to a park and sat under a tree to read. Two 15 years old kids came to me with broken bottles and they wanted my watch and my money. I pretended I didn't understand spanish, jumped up and went where there were more people. I got really really scared.I am not even sure how I got myself how of that. One recommendation, dont stay alone where there is nobody. Dont be as stupid as I have been. Other than that, I felt safe, althoug I was always carying my knife in my pocket. But I mean, thats teh kind of thing that could happen anywhere. If I can suggest and hostel: Centro del mundo. They are very nice staff and you will meet tons of people. Dont want to scare you. I really had a good time and would go back anytime, but you just need to be aware that it could happen...Enjoy, Ecuador is really nice and you can go anywhere within few hours of bus. Otavalo, Banos, laguna Quilatoa and if you want to go to the beahc, I suggest Canoa(really cute surf town not crowed). They are all worht seeing, hope this help.