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1. Posted by Liam1234 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

me and a friend have booked flights and are set to go perth australia at the start of december 2013. We are a really excited but bit nervous as we have no accomodation or job. I was just wondering if anyone had advice on getting job before or a way of getting a good job when we are there and also somewhere good to stay. We have a friend in the city so would be ideally around the perth area we are looking to travel about a bit to so any advice would be nice.
Thanks =]

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I'm heading out to Perth myself in August to work there for several months before heading off to explore the rest of the country. I'm in the same boat as you, so hopefully will have good stuff to report on!

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Hi Guys,

Depending on your skills and qualification the job market can be quite tight. There are a couple of decent job search websites that you can apply for jobs through say about a month before you head over. If you have the right Visas workplaces sometimes do phone interviews while you are still overseas.

There are a decent numbers of backpackers places in or aroudn the City but would suggest you book in advance as it will be peak season. If you like staying around the beach there are a few decent places in Scarborough and Cottesloe that you should do a general search for.

Trade/Construction jobs seem to be a little easier to come by at the moment (or so I have heard from friends in the industry)

Administration/Office jobs a little harder. Retail is usually looking to hire Christmas staff around that time also.

But it really does depend on qualifications and experience.

Hope this helps some.

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Hi Guys,

I'm heading for Perth too and will be arriving in early September.
Also in the same boat : still looking for accomodation and jobs.
Maybe will try my luck in the city for at least a week. If no job found, I'm planning to go to NT - prolly Katherine or Darwin for the farming jobs.

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Hi guys,

I’m a Perth girl and you will find work no problems.

The travellers I have met all start off here in Perth and work as (boys) Labourers/Trades Assistants and (girls) in bars, local cafes etc.

Usually they head either to the South West of Western Australia (being Margaret River etc) or to the North West of Western Australia (being Carnarvon, Coral Bay, Exmouth). This is where they go to complete there "Harvest Work" to extend their visas.

I am actually originally from Carnarvon (1,000 kilometres north of Perth) and the pubs/farms (called plantations here) in Carnarvon ALWAYS sponsor travellers so they can stay on. It’s a little harder to find sponsorship in Perth from what I've heard.

Accommodation wise, there are lots of share houses you can rent a room from if you were to find steady work, otherwise there’s a great back packers in the middle of the city which is very popular as well.

Anyway if you need any more info or help with anything just let me know!

Good luck
Edwina :)

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Hi Edwina,

It's really good to have a local who has the knowledge reassuring us that we will find work if we search hard enough. I'll be arriving in Perth in August and im very nervous as ive never been travelling before and i've plucked up the courage to go on my own and leave my old life behind to start a new adventure down under on a WHV. Im very keen to find work asap to fund my travels and also to gain the necessary requirement to get a 2nd year visa.

What do you recommend in terms of job searching?