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1. Posted by nadnerb (Budding Member 6 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

We (my wife and I) will be visiting Buenos Aires in 3 weeks and will be taking a trip from there to Iguazu and back. Has any anybody any tips re Buenos Aires: where to stay or not to; any areas not safe; best places to visit; day or so trips from Buenos Aires?

As anybody been on a trip to Montevideo who could advise what that was like and cost?


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I may be able to help because i have started travels in BA, went to montevideo, and just been to Iguazu!
BA is huge, i´m assuming you´ll be arriving in Ministro Pistarini known as Ezeiza, this is the main airport. You´ll get off and wil be mobbed by taxi drivers, but we got a remise to the microcentro, i think it was expensive (relative to the area) about 55 pesos, 11 pounds.
You havent said how much you want to spend per day, or if you are really saving the pennies? you can live in many different hostels or hotels around the micro centre, really for little money. Me and my mate were new so we payed 60 pesos for a double room, very basic, but had air con and tv. Thats 6 pounds each a night. If you have lonely planet then it helps with street maps and places to eat, sleeping etc.. We stayed at hotel chile just for reference (plaza de mayo).
Go to the tourist office, they will give you a map and info on what to see,(there is loads) this was on Lavalle, one of 2 pedestrianised roads, other being florida. Watch your pockets here as if you dont things WILL go missing, when you get there you will see what I mean.
Getting around, this is easy, in BA itself pick one of a million taxis, but if you want to go further then you can travel around the country on bus. Now this sounds horrible, beleive me, they are full recliners, serve food and drink, and have DVD´s on if you wanna watch. This is called Retiro, you cannot miss it if you go looking.
They do trips to everywhere, thats where we went from BA to Montevideo, it took 8 hours,$24 was over night, left BA at about 9.45. You can also get Buqebus that is the ferry to Uruguay, cost $60.
Montevideo was wicked, it wasnt party central but it could be said it is charming. Its no more expensive than BA i didnt think, make sure if you eat go to Dom Peperoni restaurant, it was amazing, get a brochette if you like meat!
We went form BA to Iguazu on bus, 16 hours, over night just sleep and its fine. Make sure at the falls, you do the 70 peso trip (extreme trail)which was out of this world. they took you into the waterfall!
If you need anything more please private mail me, as you can see i am loving being out here and i am really enthusiastic about it all.

Have a good trip, Tarik

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sorry that doesnt make sense in the middle. The bus station is called Retiro, i meant to say, bus travel sounds horrible but isnt.
You get all those things on the bus, and the Retiro bus station sends busses everywhere, oh and you buy your tickets at the booths upstairs!

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I'm from Montevideo and visites BA many times. Where to stay? Any hotal in Corrientes St. or Florida St. You have from five stars to one star.As you've been told dont take taxis, just remises or rent a car if you dare. The traffic is wild. Plays are great . Go down Corrientes from Florida to El Obelisco and you'll find all sort of plays, musicals, drama, comedy, international... Another great neighbourhood to go is San Telmo, very near the Micro Centro. You'll find an antique place full of stoned streets and antique houses. Tango in the main square. If you have time and 90dollars you can take the ferry in Puerto MAdero and in 2/5 hrs you are in Montevideo. Its a lovely city with a grat coast many historical places and very polite people. Montevideo was said to de the little Switzerland of America.
I Buenos Aires you won't have any traoble couse its full of foreigners an "porteños" ( this is how we and they call people from BS AS) are used to answering questions and helping people.

Hope you enjoy South America and see that we are as civilized as any European country.

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I think renting a car in Buenos Aires would be crazy!! If you are unfamiliar with the roads there you are sure top have a bump and knock someone therefore incurring costs that are more than worth renting!!
Ceci, sorry i hope you dont think i was slagging off BA at all, its just even compared to London you have to watch your pockets more than I have ever, I didnt encounter any problems but I could see if you were not wise then you may bring some on.
Honestly I did enjoy it, but everyone I have talked to even from Argentina and Montevideo has said, be alert!

6. Posted by ceci (Budding Member 13 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I agree. Be alert and dont pay much attention to beggars. Maybe I dont look much as a turist and thats why we didnt have any problems. In Florida street you will be adressed by many people tryng to sell you any kind of stuff, even pesos. Be careful to show your money in the street. And your cameras too. Traffic is wild I know, it depends on you. Its much better to take the subway or rent a remise, Be careful with taxi drivers!

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BA is a fantastic place and you should love it! Places of interest include La Boca and San Thelmo. I visited Tigre also which had a certain macabre appeal with loads of old semi-submerged wrecks sticking out of the water. The gardens (Rose / japanese) gardens are also a nice place to go and I enjoyed shopping in Palermo. If you are into that kind of thing, you can go and watch the best polo in the world at the Palermo polo club, for free.

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I have never been to Buenos Aires, but I was planning on doing an internship there for 4 months. While preparing for my trip, I rented an apartment there in the city. I dont know how much you are willing to spend, but it might actually save you some money if you are spending at least a week in BA. All of the apartments are fully furnished and appear to be pretty nice. The website is Hope this helps!

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:)I loved Buenos Aires!!!! The only bad thing - in Florida Street (the main shopping area) I was a bit careless and was robbed without me noticing until a good ten minutes later!! I was flashing the cash a bit though and I reckon it was a rarity - I was just unlucky in that respect!! Apart from that I don't think Buenos Aires is a dangerous city atall!! Infact it is safer than Europe or Britain I would say because here are people around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - it is the liveliest city I know. The Portenos (spanish word for port city dwellers) are amongst the friendliest people I met whilst travelling - never hesitating to help you with directions or any knowledge you wanted to recieve about Argentina. Also La Boca is a colourful neighbourhood - full of good restaurants - a cool football stadium - and a gorgeous swimming pool (around £5 / 12 pesos) to get in which sounds expensive for BA but it is well worth it when you jump in!!! You have to have a quick free medical before you jump in - incase you have verrucas or whatever as the pool is chlorine free - but I prefer fresh water to chlorine any day!!! It is a very clean pool with great facilities and very refreshing in the summer after walking around in the heat of the city - you can spend all day there also and there are refreshments in the vicinity!! Also you have to try the parillas and wander round San Telmo - it is (as ceci said - a great neighbourhood)! I spent days wandering around the cobblestone streets and admiring the art and antiques shops - I never wanted to leave!!! Unfortunately I can't recommend any good hotels as I was backpacking - did things the hostel way!! Nor can I (and I am frustrated now) recall the name of a great Steakhouse in San Telmo which I must have visited around 7 or 8 times in my two month stay in BA but it is near Plaza Dorrego square and if I was in the area I could walk you to it but unfortunately can't name it!! I am getting in touch with my travel mates to ask them - (one of them named Tom who was forever reciting the name) and I'll let you know!!! :)

Also if you like the idea of Tango - there is a great Tango Club called Catedral on Sarmiento street (can't remember the number at the moment but if you ask around - should find it)! Also Café Tortini in the City Centre is a must - one of the oldest Cafés in Buenos Aires - boasting very good Tango shows and I think Jazz also!! I went there to watch a Tango show (you are supposed to book 24 hours in advance but I was lucky and me and my friend Helen got in there and then) and had a fantastic meal and found the show very entertaining and fully enjoyed it!! So definitely a recommendation on my behalf - Café Tortini (I think near Plaza De Mayo metro station) in the city centre along with the other above mentioned!! As for travelling around the city - so easy to walk around - although as been mentioned here - beware of the traffic (I nearly got hit by a bus)!!! The metro is by far the cheapest and easiest way to get around the city - I took it many times - it is safe as houses!! Also the buses are cheap and are another way but as I didn't have a clue about the language - I sometimes found it hard where to embark on them (asking around on Plaza De Mayo road is a good bet)!! At night I always took a taxi if I was far from the hostel - but in a group if we were near - we just walked to the hostel - never came under any harm (in San Telmo area - not sure about other areas)!! There are too many historical places and museums to mention - I recommend all the art museums!! Also the nightlife is endless - a favourite place of mine was Rolling & Son - a nice little lively salsa club in San Telmo area!!! Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo is also the place where alot of locals hang out - and is also where I spent a wild New Year's Eve - I recommend that also!!! Anyway - I'll let you explore the rest for yourselves - have fun!!!

Rach :)

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I stayed in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the year for 5 weeks and I have to say in my opinion Palermo Viejo is definetly the best area in BA. It has lots of very nice bars, cafes, parks and shops in the area, you will be less likely to be harrased by beggers than in the central (VERY VERY touristy) area, and it also feels alot safer. Another good place for bars and restos is Las Canitas, if you ask a taxi driver he will take you there.