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I am going to be staying in Cairo for 2 weeks with my family. We are really interested in experiencing as much as possible. Does anyone have any recommendations on good tourist attractions?


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Egypt is a mystic country with all the pyramids, the sphinx and all the tombs. I have never been to egypt but I would like to visit that country someday.

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I'm from Egypt, Cairo in particular...:)

If you haven't left already I can summarize-up the best attractions to fit within the two weeks' time -although maybe 2 weeks are not enough for Cairo & Giza!-

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I'm from Tunisia, Egypt is really an amazing touristic destination. You have plently of places to discover. Good luck.

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I have not been to Egypt yet but I really think it is one amazing place. They have a lot of tourist attractions. I have a list of mine that I would always wanted to visit when I have a chance. What I have in my list are Great Pyramid of Giza, this is the oldest and the only attraction that is included in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world that remains intact and that what amazed me the most. Next is the beautiful Great Sphinx of Giza. Then lastly is the Egyptian Pyramids, I have read that there are 138 pyramids discovered in Egypt. Those are for me the 'must not be missed' places if I am going to Egypt.

Hope you will be sharing your lovely trip to Egypt, I would love to read it :) .