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July in Tasmania with 2 toddlers...??

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific July in Tasmania with 2 toddlers...??

1. Posted by Goannaray (Full Member 14 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone,
Trying to do some more research and get things slightly more organised before we leave for our July trip to Tasmania, Australia. Not finding much info on travelling with toddlers in Tasmania during winter though! We're from Western Australia. Came across this site and thought there's no harm in asking. Excellent trip planner thing you've got here too by the way. Helped a heap already!

So... some background info before I list off my many questions...

- Have 3.5weeks available to explore!
- Wanting to see and do as much as possible considering the season and travelling with 2 toddlers
- More interested in nature
- History's ok too
- Kids will be 2.5yrs and 11months
- Have a car and campervan booked for different segments already

And here's the questions...

- First of all... anyone else had experience in a campervan with toddlers in winter in Tassie?
- Is the weather during that time of year generally not too bad for 'shorter' hikes?
- Recommendations on keeping kids warm and dry during hikes? (We're thinking of using our ergo baby carrier and Kathmandu child carrier backpack when we can't use a stroller)
- Are there many places you can free camp with a campervan?
- Are they available/accessible in winter?
- What's the accessability like for many of the tacks/hikes that aren't on the major/typical tourist routes/stops?
- If booking into accommodation... do you need to book much in advance? (I've read you definitely do in summer!)
- Are many things or areas closed during the winter season?
- Any recommendations on things not to miss for toddlers?
- And vice versa... should be left because of toddlers?
- National Parks Holiday Pass... Order now or pick up when we get there?
- Will it get to us in time if we order it now?

Think that's the main ones at the moment. Sorry it's so long. Any other general hints/tips would be greatly appreciated too! Thanks :)

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5159 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I only spent a few days in Tasmania in winter myself, and have no idea whatsoever about travelling with toddlers, so unfortunately about the only thing I can answer usefully is the weather, which is generally fine for hiking. There'll undoubtedly be quite a few rainy (or even at higher altitudes sometimes snowy) days, but with light rain it's still very nice to hike through the forests (I always love the look of a wet forest, and Tasmania does forests very well indeed), and you should expect at least the same number of dry days.

I remember the trails in Cradle Mountain National Park being rather wet and occasionally muddy (due to melting snow), but overall I was out hiking for several hours each day, and had a great time.
I don't remember any places being closed, but then, I did stick mostly to the tourist route, so that's not saying too much.

Hope you'll still get an answer from someone with a bit more experience on the specific points you want to know about!

3. Posted by Crazy Poupes (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hi there, answers to some of your questions. I have lived in Tassie for 43 years and have had that many winters there! 3.5 weeks won't be will want to go back!

It can be very cold and wet in July, especially in the high country. Last year at Cradle Mountain , it snowed so the road was closed and everything was very white and beautiful. The Dove Lake walk is stunning whatever the weather.

Loads of free camps for campervans. Do you have the Camps 7 book? Worth buying if you don't. Lots of lovely spots in towns or in the bush. Myrtle Park, near Launceston, is $6 a night, right on the river...superb. Also look at Narawntapu, Franklin, Greens Beach Caravan Park is good and cheap, Godfrey's Beach at Stanley, Longford Caravan Park. Great free camp at Oatlands, in the town, lots of history there and a wonderful bakery.

Shouldn't need to book accommodation too far in advance at that time of year

Most places accessible without too much trouble, roads are very good

National Parks pass can be got online, or at the entrance to the parks.

Beauty Point has a seahorse farm which is fascinating for little ones. Tour of the West Tamar Wineries good for the adults. Lots of wallabies and wombats in the parks. MONA exhibition in Hobart is wonderful. Ferry across to Hobart Waterfront from MONA. Good caravan Park right next to MONA.

Hope this is helpful.....I would offer to let you park in our paddock, but we are travelling Australia ourselves and are up north.

4. Posted by Goannaray (Full Member 14 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hi, thanks heaps for your reply's. The information provided is greatly appreciated!

Yeah, I'm predicting we'll be wanting to return too. Our 'things to do' list is already way too long for the time we've got! We've now got to go through it and highlight the 'Do Not Miss' items, and see what happens with the rest considering weather and everything else whilst we're there.

That Camps 7 book looks awesome! Not only for Tassie, but also for Australia wide. Do you know how it compares to other similar style books/maps? Thanks heaps for the heads up on that one.

Crazy Poupes, I hope you're enjoying your time up north.

Thanks again :)

5. Posted by Crazy Poupes (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

We use Camps 7 book and maps every day.....It is our bible. Also Wiki Camps is worth downloading if you have an iPad or iPhone.

If you see a spot in the book you think you might like, Google it and you will usually find some comments and photos. There are so many wonderful places to visit in this great big country. We will make it to WA for September, October and November hoping to see the beautiful wildflowers along the way.....we haven't been there before.