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I'm thinking of going travelling for 2 months. I'm a 25yo male who's never been before.

I basically want a new culture that's preferably out of Europe, has good music / parties, good weather, great things to see, easy going people / hostels, etc. I'm also seeking some spiritual / personal growth and like-minded people.

I have about £2k to stretch as long as possible and want to go in July or August.

Any ideas? All suggestions welcome.


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I think if you are planning your tour around july aug then goa is the perfect summer destination for you.You can find good season, beaches every thing.

Good luck for your holidays

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Goa can be rather damp in July, to say the least. Much of Asia has monsoons from June to September. The Caribbean is bad then too. Europe is the best place to be that time of year but is packed with people and prices of everything go right up.

My advice is to go to Thailand in December or January when you can be on a good beach in sunshine virtually every day while they are all freezing back home. A nice apartment I had in Bangkok earlier this year cost about £200 a month.

You get 30 days visa free on arrival so after that you can fly out and come back for another 30 days, and even another 30 after that. AirAsia (the Ryanair of Asia) and others do cheap flights. Or you can get a 60 day visa which can be extended for another 30 days in Thailand for 1900 baht. You may not want to rush home again to winter in Britain

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Vietnam is awesome, but very hot and very wet in summer. You have to pick one of the cheaper countries because travel is $$$$$ these days.

I advise you to do considerable research about where you're going - it's especially important if you decide on Vietnam

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Thailanddddddd, you will get to experience all the things you want, culture, nightlife, different food, go to temple for spiritual or personal growth ( u can actually stay there for a couple of days but you have to help the monk work like cleaning and all that).

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Mate: without a dought THAILAND. that is one amazingly diverse country.
The women, the cheep good food cheap Beer accomadation smells,colours
for a great value trip that you will want to do again and again and again.
You cant go wrong " I live in Bali".

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((Thailand + Bali)) check it out !! you wont disappoitned.
Thailand, great food, chillin out at beautiful beaches, nice people,
Night life and night market, Unique country.

Bali, nice place for surf with a big Wave, friendly people.
A place full of Art , temple, spiritual, faithfulness,
But food not really good.

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Hey all,

Thanks so much for all the replies, it's very useful.

I think the vibe I'm getting is that Thailand is a good place to visit, but maybe some time in January-March, when it's hotter.

I think for now I might take a short vacation in Eastern Europe, just to warm up for somewhere more exotic.