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Hi everyone!

Next month I´m traveling to Thailand and I want to know some good travel guides, travel websites to get informed.

Thank you very much!!!

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Google checks works pretty good too! Gives you a lot of quick information and gives you many travel forums too.

Depending on your country you may have libraries where you can check out travel guides. Frommers and Fodor's is popular with tourists with a little extra money to spend.

You can even buy a travel guide on Thailand too!

If you are flying from long distance round trip plane tickets to Thailand will usually cost less than buying 2 one way flights - one to Bangkok and one back home. If you need a visa or not depends on what country passport you enter Thailand with. Some airlines may give you a hard time with only one way flights to Thailand and no visa.

No problem changing most Western currencies in Thailand. Bank currency exchange can be done at both airports in Bangkok 24 hours a day. Most currencies get a better rate of exchange in Thailand. Thailand has ATM's that accept many foreign debit cards and you can use travelers checks in Thailand.

Sit down and figure out a budget. Know how much you can afford for hotels. Usually hotels are your biggest expense unless you eat and drink a lot at expensive places. Better to have a definite departure date. Hotels close to Christmas and New Years holidays are more expensive than the off season.

Usually a visit to Bangkok, a visit up north for places like Chiang Mai and a visit to a beach area rounds out an itinerary for many tourists. Final night back in Bangkok for your flight back home.

This is a start.

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Well, this thread is just a recipe for spam. Will be keeping a close eye on this.

For South East Asia travel information, you can't really go past Travelfish in my opinion.

And obviously there is plenty of info right here on Travellerspoint. Perhaps you would be better off asking some actual questions that you want answers to so people here in the forum can give you some advice.

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browse on blogs or photos here, might help...

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So good to read you are motivated to do some research YOURSELF. Many people are too lazy to do it themselves rather rely on others to do their research for them.

Google (as stated) can get you the answer to just about everything on Thailand.

Popular travel sites are travelfish & travellerspoint (as stated) as well as tripadvisor & virtual tourist. You can also use their search engines (apart from google) to see if your question has already been asked because the odds are it's probably been asked many times before.

Popular sites to read accom. reviews are tripadvisor & agoda.

A good site for travel experiences is

Thailand has a website covering its national train system + seat61 for lots of info.

For buses rely on google to access forum posts, general info etc. Just beware that departure times can change at a moments notice so use any stated time as a guide.

Read up on common scams so at least be a bit savvy. Forewarned is forearmed.

This should help you get started. Just promise me you won't come back here and ask what the weather will be like at such and such a place. lol

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