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Travelling Southern/Central Europe (Sept 2013)

Travel Forums Europe Travelling Southern/Central Europe (Sept 2013)

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1. Posted by lmflec85 (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!


I'm planning on travelling parts of Europe in September and would be grateful for any advice regarding best places to stay, rough budget, best way to travel between destinations etc. I've looked at some threads already and some of the info is a bit vague. I'm from Manchester.

I'm planning on flying from the UK to Dubrovnik then looking at heading to Zagreb (via Plitvice Lakes hopefully!), on to Vienna then to Krakow before flying back home. I will only have around 14-18 days so want to see as much as I can but also get to spend enough time at each destination. Hoping I have chosen my destinations well. I enjoy biking around cities, sightseeing, good food, good beer, friendly locals (and friendly travellers!), meeting like minded people who are adventurous, culture. I don't have huge restrictions on my budget but, obviously, I want to spend wisely. I plan to stay in hostels for the social aspect and to save cash.

Any advice from others who have visited these places? Even suggestions for alternate destinations than the ones have chosen are welcome. Is 14-18 days enough time to see everything I've planned? Anyone reckon I can fit more in? How cheap is Croatia? Is interail the best way to travel on this trip?

If you happen to be travelling the same places around this time, feel free to message me. Two heads are always better than one.

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2. Posted by Love_Travelling (Budding Member 52 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I don't know about Croatia (as I have never been there), but Poland is really, really cheap, so it is definitely a great destination for cheap travels. I think Krakow is a really beautiful city, I really loved it. :) The Old Town is really, really pretty and there are caf├ęs everywhere (those on the agoraa are obviously more expensive than the ones on the by-streets. :)

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4. Posted by jacklintan (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hi Love Travelling,
I am looking at travelling sometime in October, and I wonder if there is a place to start up with. I will most likely to land in Heathrow Airport and my journey will begin from there.

For first timer travelling in Europe, I am looking at places like France, London, and other places along the line travelling. The furthest I will get to is Germany, (I hope) and maybe other places according to my budget.

Could you please advice me places I should consider for first timer like myself? Thank you.

5. Posted by Love_Travelling (Budding Member 52 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!


For first time traveller to Europe, you should definitely visit the main cities (capitals) - London, Paris, Berlin (if you go to Germany). You should take your time to explore the cities, but don't be there for too long. I don't know how long you are planning on being there, but I definitely suggest going out of the main cities and actually exploring the real country. You can't the real French feeling in Paris. Another tip is that you shouldn't take too wide territory. For example France has a lot to offer all over the country, but obviously you can't see everything. My suggestion would be to stick with the North of France. So after Paris you can go to Normandy and Bretagne - amazing regions in North of France. In North of France you should definitely go to visit Mont Saint Michel, Monet Garden in Giverny and the seaside is also amazing, in Bretagne near the seaside is a lot of rocks and the sea level raises in minutes! There is absolutely wonderful nature and so much to explore!

With UK it is basically the same thing (and also with Germany) - you have to go out of the capital (London) to see the really English culture. Maybe explore some South of England (Stonehedge etc).

I know that as you are a first time traveller to Europe, you want to see and experience a lot, but my suggestion is that take everything peacefully and don't overplan your time (let yourself some time in one place, so you can actually explore and see the country and its culture). I don't know, how much time you actually have, so I gave a lot of suggestions, but you can pick, what you can suit into your plan and what you'd like to see. If you don't have that much time, don't try to fit everything in - you actually see less and don't get the culture experience. If you don't have that much time, don't go to Germany, but obviously if you have, then you can go.

One thing more: I gave you just suggestions on UK and France; if you want me to give you more suggestions on any other countries (Germany or another country in Europe) or more information about the places I recommended you, feel free to ask - I am more than happy to answer. :)