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I am a looking to travel alone between February - August 2015. I am hoping to go from UK - New Zealand - Australia - Fiji - Bangkok.

This will be my first time travelling and I have looked into flights, but I am looking for some advice on spending money for each place, suggestions on what to do and general travel advice, visas, bank accounts, insurance and all that! I am not looking to work while there and plan to stay in hostels.

ANY help/advice would be much appreciated! Or even just sharing your personal experience of travelling through these places.
I am looking into travelling by bus through Australia and NZ.


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Bula (as we say in Fijian) Jade,

Most properties in Fiji are cheaper here than on their website. you are welcome to compare. add me on facebook

looking forward to hear from u and this is my wife's link on facebook

Russy and Ruth Seninawanawa

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Traveling by public transport isn't too easy in New Zealand and neither NZ nor Aus are cheap by British standards. A few years ago it was NZD3 = GBP1, now it's NZD2 = GBP1 so it will seem even more expensive in NZ.

If you can drive, hiring a cabana from Jucy rentals is a possibility - like a people-mover but with the back converting into a bed - good for transport and accommodation (see ). For buses, see . There are plenty of backpacker accommodations here too.

A breakfast of eggs and toast with a good coffee here would be abot NZD10-15 and a decent evening meal about NZD15-20 - a remotely fancy evening meal would start at around NZD35. A pint (or 500mL) of beer in a bar is around NZD8.50. A cheaper option would be to get some sausages (NZD5 for six) and beer (NZD10-15 for six 330mL bottles) from the supermarket and use a public barbeque on the beach to cook your sausages. Petrol for a car is NZD2.20 per litre.

If you happen to be in NZ in May/June see if you can get a ticket for an All Blacks game (the cheapest are about NZD50) - it;s a hair-raising experience to hear the haka live!

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Hi Jade

My advice would be to do Fiji first rather than doing NZ, OZ and then back down to Fiji to go back up at Bangkok. I'm going to NZ till may then aus and asia after if you want to chat more

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A u will travel a long way, so u requested to visit Bangladesh ( the true beauty of the South). I will be waiting to help you or your guys.