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1. Posted by bants_x (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Planning on travelling to Thailand first week of November 2013..no definate plans yet but thinking of starting in chang mai and then doing cambodia and vietnam,possibly to Nepal in the new year...definatly up for some exploring,trekking and of course partying!
Wondering if anyone is around Thailand at the same time or if anyone has booked to do Thai Intro..have heard its easy to meet people but a bit worried about travelling alone,so was considering signing up but wasnt sure if it was worth it?
Would be great to hear from anyone and find some drinking buddies!
Nicola :-)

2. Posted by Ashw7 (Budding Member 12 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I am arriving in Thailand 6th November into Bangkok, booked flights today :) sooo excited now!
I would like to see Cambodia and Vietnam too, also want to be in Thailand for the NYE moon party on the beach as I think that will be an amazing memory. I am planning to scuba dive in Koh Toa but apart from that I am easy and up for going with the flow...leaving and going it alone is daunting so great to meet some people I have got to know between now and then :)

3. Posted by bants_x (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I still need to book my flights...who are you flying with and which airpirt are you flying from?
Sounds like we have pretty much the same plans..i agree about the full moon party will be amazing!
Have you booked any accomodation yet for when you get there?

4. Posted by Ashw7 (Budding Member 12 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I am flying with Qatar Airways from heathrow on 5th November and arrive in Bangkok on 6th. Found the flights on the skyscanner app.
I have looked at accommodation in Bangkok but nothing booked yet. I have ordered lots of travel guides etc and want to know a little more about the areas of Bangkok itself then decide where to stay. I do plan to have the first 3-4 nights booked before leaving then go from there! The not knowing after those few nights is scary but so exciting too.
Yea sounds like we have similar plans. Are you on Facebook or use whatsapp on your phone? Be good to chat between now and then, kind of like the thought of feeling like you know and can trust someone as soon as you arrive!

5. Posted by Rhys Huxton (Budding Member 12 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hey both! :)

Ive booked my flight to Bangkok on the 30th October (with Air India) from Heathrow. Im planning on staying in Bangkok for 4/5 nights then make my way to:

Siem Reap (Cambodia) - 2/3 nights
Phnom Penh (Cambodia) - 2/3 nights
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) - 3/4 nights
Koh Phangan (South Thailand) - Week including the full moon party :D
Koh Samui (South Thailand) - Week or so
Krabi (South Thailand) - 3/5 nights
Phi Phi (South Thailand) -3/5 nights
Phuket (South Thailand) - Week or so
Georgetown (Malaysia) - 3/5 nights
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - 3/5 nights
Singapore - 3/5 nights

Then fly to Perth for Xmas/NYE :) i am also on my own! and yes it is a bit daunting isnt it haha

6. Posted by jaffwatson (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I was planning for a new year vacation in Thailand but was not sure about the timings to the tour but if it happens to be around November starting than i would love to join with you guys. I will keep you updated about my plans.

7. Posted by Ashw7 (Budding Member 12 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi Rhys
You seem to have much more of a plan than I do currently. Certainly a roundabout route that I am considering but may be taking a little longer to complete it. Happily meet for a drink or several if your still in Bangkok when I arrive 6th Nov.

Jaff you will have to keep us informed.

8. Posted by bants_x (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I think I need to just book my flight now and be brave otherwise I wont end up doing it! Yeah I'm on Facebook... I think the link is on the profile I have on here, send me a message Ash. I was planning on doing some diving around that area as well, its supposed to be amazing...was also planning on meeting my best friend and her boyfriend to spend xmas and new year around those islands and maybe Koh Phi Phi for new year, the more the merrier! I agree it would be nice to know someone when you get out there! Be good to hear from you.

Rhys, you definitely have more of a plan than I do as well! Think I need to get a bit more organised, keep us updated :)

9. Posted by alexandra77 (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

hey hey!!
I've booked thailand for november 11th!! going solo also!
im gona be in phuket - phi phi from the 13th, has anyone booked any accommodation?

10. Posted by tarun22 (Budding Member 38 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi All,
I am Tanu from London too and flying to Thailand on 07th Nov and will be travelling around for 4 months.

I want to go Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia/Singapore/Malaysia/AU/NZ
i'm solo traveler and glad to see many solo traveler
I love beach , so planning to spend 3 to 4 weeks in Thailand and for there will move on....
let's plan and will have fun.
Looking forward for my first trip