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1. Posted by Pardus (Respected Member 2356 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I don't know if anyone knows this story, but it's basically about the 47 Samurai (or rather Ronin, masterless Samurai) who take revenge for their Lord. The Lord had been tricked and insulted by another Lord and in his anger he drew his sword. The penalty for this was having to commit suicide.
His retainers took revenge for this, after a year of planning and giving up their lives as Warriors they atttacked the castle of the treacherous Lord and killed him, before giving themselves up to the authorities and afterwards were sentenced to commit suicide.

What acts of loyalty to anybody did you commit, where you exactly you that you would be punished for it? Or what would it take to make you do so?

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I dont know if this would be considered an act of loyalty, but a company I worked for awhile ago, ran a random drug test in the office (common thing given the industry I was in).

One of my good friends had smoked some pot over the weekend and if found "guilty" of drug use through this test, you would be immediately terminated. I was able to smuggle a specimen of mine as if it were hers. It was dangerous because the bathrooms were being watched of course but no one suspected me at the time cause I looked so innocent

If found out, I could have lost my job but she needed it pretty badly as a young single mother. The problem was that afterwards I was unable to go for my own test and the lab company started to grow suspicious of me!! Needless to say, everything turned out ok. ;)

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in the past a bully hurt my sister unfairly, so i tipped off a larger bully that he needed sorting out, didn't solve the problem as such but it was about 12 years ago and i didn't know what to do, my sister was grinning for a week at the bullys black eye, i was caught out but the larger bully was a good friend of mine so now revenge was recalled afterwards....

but any act against my family or friends would be an act against myself and would have to be acted upon, it would depend on the situation but yes i would do anything for them..