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You could use CC like Isa;)
I agree with you totally Eve...we let a dog die in the loving care of family...but we don't afford the same to humans? Sad state of affairs...:(

Cool - CC it is. Much easier to type quickly.

As I stated way back in this thread, we have a letter stating what we want done and keep it in a small safe. Maybe we should consider giving one of the family the combination...

It's hard to think about these things at 25, but once you have done the original work, it's easier to update it as you get older.

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Anne, you know a lot about wills! :)

I have a minor in Law cause I wanted to be a lawyer but opted with accounting instead. I figured I would get tired of arguing :)

I know a bit about a lot of things but not enough about any specific topic (except taxes). As they say, Jack of Trades, Master of None...