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21. Posted by iloveflyin (Full Member 159 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi steph,

I have been thinking about doing what that travel agent you described does; however, I am thinking of doing it in conjunction with photography. For instance, I can take a group to various scenic place in Southeast Asia, where I 've been to and taken lots of quite beautiful pictures. Some of these places are in the city, and some from the beaten paths, where most tourists don't know they exist. My problem is I can't quit my present job or have long enough vacation time to do it. Not only that, but I don't know how to start either. So, in the mean time, I just put it in the back burner and wait until I retire.

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You've already gotten lots of ideas but I'll add one more. I grew up in Alaska and moved to Wisconsin when I was 10. Last summer I was a nanny for a family in Colorado. This summer I will be an au pair (similar to a nanny but only 25 hours a week) in Spain.
Personally I think this is a great way to travel because it's not just traveling it's living in another part of the country or the world. Having the experience last summer in Colorado gave me courage to apply for the job in Spain. It can be a little unnerving to think about living with complete strangers in a foreign country for 3 months but if you really want to travel it's worth it. Also last summer I was supposed to travel with the family to the Bahamas but the trip got cancelled becuase a hurricane hit the hotel Nanny and au pair jobs are probably easier for females to find but it's always an option for everyone... Good Luck!!

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I am trying to travel to St. Petersburg where I was born from NJ, U.s. and looking for a job that will allow me to pay my way. I have been writing about my travel experience in the u.s, mexico and europe but am finding it difficult to find publications. I know there is lonely planet and transitions abroad, anyone know of any others to send writings to. Much appreciated.

adisan ;)

24. Posted by cookieyum (Inactive 75 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

At the moment i´m teaching english in Chile and absoloutely loving it. So much so that i´ve started to consider a career in teaching which i never ever thought would happen! But at the same time i want a job where i can do loads of travelling and acting so am now very excited by the prospect of setting up a drama company which travels internationally and teaches kids english through drama workshops/performances because that way i can do all the things i love. I guess i have to get through 3 years of uni first though!!

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Don't know if anyone mentionned this one.. I might have missed it but a degree in Translation involves travel. I'm not too sure on how broad the travel would be, but relocation is definitely involved (depending on what language you major in).

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I know someone who is a buyer for a clothing company, and she travels all over Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. Plus she gets crazy deals on fashion samples! Fashion and free travel....could that job BE any better?

Katie ;)

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I work as a consultant for a "big 5" consulting firm. It has allowed me to travel all over Canada and the U.S. I usually spend 3 to 4 months in one place, though I have spent more than a year in some places (like my current gig in Atlanta).

The consultancies (Accenture, IBM, BearingPoint, E&YCapGemini and Delloite) have offices all around the world, so no matter where you live you can get a job there and use that as your base.

There are opportunties for international travel (though I haven't gotten one yet). I know people who have worked in Europe, Asia and South America with the consulting companies.

Great thing is that the company pays for your hotel and car. When I work in North America, they pay for a flight home every week, which I can use to go somewhere else if I want. Or you can stay where you are stationed and explore the area.

To get into this career, you would need to have a degree, probably in computers, engineering or business.


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I am 18 and always wanted to and loved to travel. Looking at poeples replies made me think that a travelling job can become more than just a dream This is a long shot but i was wondering if anyone knows any travelling photographer jobs??? Also anyone know how to become a scoober diving instructor? or have any info on sports travelling carreers I would appreciate any info!
Cheers, Shana ;)

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dunno if this is in line with the thread but if u r into it u can go anywhere.

Get a bit or experience in a few good companies doing support work and im sure u will do ok. A microsoft certified professional qual wont do u any harm


30. Posted by babe967 (Full Member 98 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Im a 43yr old single women who enjoys travelling and would like to work to fund my travels,problem being im to old for working visa,can anyone tell me of jobs they have recieved cash in hand for? I would like to work as a nanny partime or full time, or even in a bar.I am going to Austrailia and new zealand on a vistors visa ,but can use it for multiple entry over a year. Any adicve is welcomed.