17 Days UK to Hawaii -Where to Stop On The Way? (NYC,LA,SF?)

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Me and my newly wed wife are looking for a trip next year and would like to know what you guys think, how would you spend the time? We have 17 days. Plan so far is as follows:

Thurs 17th April. Flying from the UK to Hawaii. To break things up along the way, and since we'd be touching down in some cities anyway, I thought it'd be economical to have a few days in some U.S cities. I have a plan - but please give me your tips and knowledge!!!!

Thurs 17th - LON to NYC - 4 nights (3 full days) to look around NYC.

Fly to LA - 2 days there, drive up to San Fran over the course of another 1/2 days. Have 1 or 2 days in SF. Fly to Hawaii.

Hawaii - About a week to get around and perhaps see more than one of the islands. Fly home :(

Not booked flights yet as the above is totally flexible, could be done in any order. Originall planned LON-NYC-LAX-HNL-SFO-LON - Flights total around 1k. My plan keeps changing so I need advice. And now I'm thinking drive down or up from LA/SF or vica versa rather than flying via Hawaii.

What do you guys think?

Our interests: getting out there into nature. Seeing big cities. We do like some time to relax on the beach. A bit of nightlife. We're 25/27 y.o.

We've been to LA, San Fran, Vegas, San Diego for a couple days already. But please recommend any other cities we could visit instead of SF. (Vancouver crossed our minds). Or whether you think: just do the whole time in one place.

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Stopping off in mainland USA will dramatically increase your air fare costs, but the Pacific Northwest is a great area. You might pick up a car in San Francisco and drive north along the coast to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, but with only 17 days, why do you want to take this time away from the Islands?

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Quoting Daawgon

Stopping off in mainland USA will dramatically increase your air fare costs,

I'd like to know what flight you know about from the UK that goes direct to Hawaii without stopping in continental USA? Correct non, so it makes no difference in price.

To the OP I guess everyone has their own style of travel and you guys are young! For me your schedule looks too busy. Id focus on a layover in NYC then another on your return flight, maybe LA with a couple of days in each. Your flights alone are going to take up about 4 days in travel.

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Thanks for the good points. I'll bear these in mind.

Whilst all flights have to sotp off somewhere in the U.S, flights to Hawaii are around £700-800. With the stop offs I'm looking at you're talking £950-£1050. I've found those prices on Kayak.

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I stumbled across this thread while searching for pointers for a similar trip my new wife and I are currently planning as our belated Honeymoon and thought it wise to carry on here rather than start a new thread as our plans are quite similar. We're planning on going to Hawaii late June / early July this year for around 2 weeks, and then over to California for about 5-7 days before flying back to the UK (3 week total trip).

I've made some preliminary investigations into flight costs and the best we've come up with so far is around £1k each to get us from London > Honolulu > San Fran > London (from LAX having driven from SF).

At this point we've allocated about 2 weeks in Hawaii - does anyone with experience have any input on whether this is a good amount of time (too much or little)? We've been to California before so may be prepared to reduce our planned time there a bit. We're both quite inquisitive travelers and would like to get out and see as much of Hawaii as is reasonably possible while we're there taking in a mixture of relaxing and active pursuits - we tend to get bored staying in one place for long! We'll also be on the islands for 4th July - what are the celebrations like there (if any)?

Any input on the above (positive or negative) will be gratefully received, along with suggestions of what to see and do!

Thanks in advance,


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Congratulations on the wedding..

If San Francisco is a stop for you you might like Rockaway beach in Pacifica. It's a taxi ride from the airport. Not a big city but very comfortable.

This is about my time on a stopover there.. PACIFICA

But - Yes - get to Hawaii. Too much to see there in 15 days, or a lifetime. Try to get to Kauai.