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Hello friends!

The wife and I will be arriving in Dublin, Ireland at 9 AM on Sunday, November 10, 2013. We leave Thursday, November 14 at 11:00 AM. We would love to see Dublin, Cork, Killarney and the Cliffs of Moher in this time frame. We arent much for museums, so most of our time will be spent seeing the main sights in those areas along with some dining, drinking and shopping.

We were thinking of powering through our day on Sunday when we arrive and spending it in Dublin. Perhaps checking into our hotel early and taking a power nap before heading out to see the city and enjoying some dinner and a pint.

I was looking into taking the train from Dublin to Cork at 7 AM on Monday morning which gets us into Cork by 9:35 AM. After spending the later morning and early afternoon in Cork we can catch a train from Cork to Killarney at 4:55 PM which places us in Killarney by 6:15 PM. We would have some dinner, enjoy a drink, maybe walk around the town that evening for a bit.

Where I am getting challenged with the itinerary is how to enjoy some time in the Ring of Kerry, but still getting to the Cliffs of Moher all while still trying to spend more time in Dublin on Wednesday.

We are ok with using trains, buses, taxis etc...we dont plan on renting a car. Does anyone have any ideas how we can swing this?

Sunday- Dublin
Monday- Dublin to Cork to Killarney
Tuesday- KIllarney to Cliffs of Moher to Dublin (or should we stay overnight near the Cliffs and take the train back to Dublin on Wednesday AM)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You two are really looking to fit a lot in, in such a short time span. Spending the day in Dublin first is fine, but I would really reconsider visiting Cork. The reason being, that you are in the city for not even 7 hours. There is not a lot to see in Cork. I lived and studied in Cork for a year there last year, and honestly, in that time frame, you are going to get off the train, get into the city, and walk down the main street (Patrick/Washington Street) and then grab some lunch and have to then head back to the station. After being in Dublin and along O'Connell St. you are going to feel like you haven't left the capital because the main street in cork reflects O'Connell st. in my opinion. I would look at heading to Killarney from Dublin and give yourself that bit more time. I dunno if maybe you have family history in Cork and want to check it out or something, but you will love the Ring of Kerry and Cliffs of Moher much more then Cork, and will regret not having given yourselves more time for them.
I would go straight to Killarney, then spend that afternoon at the Ring of Kerry. Then dine in the city and look around; then onto the Cliffs first thing in the morning on Tuesday. I would say to stay the night and return to Dublin on Wednesday morning if you can manage that. I feel two days is enough for Dublin (albeit that being said by a local) and you'll appreciate the West coast more so. If you set out for the Cliffs first thing, you could maybe manage getting to Galway and stay the night there. Galway is a gem of a city! There's also trains that run from there to Dublin so that would also suit you better in terms of transport options.
That's my suggestion anyway!
Hope you enjoy the Emerald Isle!

All the best,

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Hi Eric,

I have to say I agree with Dean, sounds like youre trying to pack alot into 4 days!

I would also recommend possibly skipping Cork & going straight to Killarney early on the Monday to get the most of the town, the Ring of Kerry and the other local attractions during Monday day and night.

Tuesday go to Galway (great city) and base yourself there making the excursion to the Cliffs and back that day and going out in Galway that night. Then back to Dublin on Wednesday in advance of your flight out on the Thursday!

Public transport wise you can get buses/trains between each location. Check out the websites for 'Bus Eireann', 'Go Bus', and 'Irish Rail' for details of those links.


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Thanks for the tips! Looks like we will skip Cork (we only were going that way for Blarney Castle).

Now we will be flying into Dublin and out of Shannon. This will give us an itinerary like this:

Sunday- arrive Dublin 7 AM
Monday- spend more time in Dublin, train to Killarney
Tuesday-- overnight in Killarney
Wednesday- head to Cliffs of Moher, stay overnight somewhere near Shannon airport
Thursday- depart Shannon

whats your thoughts on this?

Thanks again-


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Hi Eric

Is there a reason you don't want to drive? It would be cheaper and make getting a round a lot easier... For us it was the people we met in all the non touristy areas that make Ireland... We had family in Cork so stayed there three nights but one is ample if just sight seeing...

If you had a car then this is what I would suggest:

Sunday - arr Dublin 7am hire car at airport, shopping, Temple Bar, Guiness tour
Monday - drive south to Cork, on the way stopping at the Rock of Cashel and Cahir Castle, Overnight Cork
Monday - Blarney Castle, Jamiesons Whisky tour, Cobh (cathedral and titanic exhibit), shopping in Patrick St overnight Cork
Tuesday - Ring of Kerry, Killarney national park Killarney, Limerick, overnight Shannon or Limerick
Wednesday - Head north through Ennis then west to Cliffs of Moher, then north through The Burren to Galway (Galway crystal factory is worth a visit) drive south back to Limerick/Shannon
Thursday - Depart Shannon

These are not big distances to drive, Ireland is quite small and the roads are good....

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Hire a car. You have very little time and you don't need to spend that waiting for public transport. You can see far, far more with a car.