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Alaska (USA), Whitehorse (Yukon, Canada) Itinerary help

Travel Forums North America Alaska (USA), Whitehorse (Yukon, Canada) Itinerary help

1. Posted by TezaTravels (Full Member 1 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Good Day

Having difficulty putting together an itinerary for the above destinations.
I am in Canada for a few months traveling but want to briefly explore the destinations above.

Trip Month - Mid November
1 Week in Alaska, 1 Week in the Yukon
I am a single traveller without a car and on a tight budget as u still have the rest of Canada to do.
I want to depart from Calgary, Alberta and head to Alaska first and was thenn thinking of making my way to Whitehorse.

I initially want to fly to Anchorage, spend 2 days, make my way up to Danali or Fairbanks or Danali and then Seward but flights around this time have become so expensive.
I also havent had much luck in seeing how i would get from Anchorage - Whitehorse without my own car and not sure if it is possible over the winter.
I did not want to fly because of the cost.

My new thinking is to fly to Juneau from Calgary (flight is more cost effective)
Take a ferry - Haines and then onto Skagway
From Skagway bus to Whitehorse.

Does this sound like a better more realistic, cost effective plan than heading to Anchorage.
How many days to spend in Juneau, Haines and Skagway and what are some key attractions worth focussing on ( i am into outdoors, art, museums, wildlife).
Any recommendations for hostels in these towns, as i require cheaper accom options.
Which ferry company is the best to go with. I have seen 1 which offers a tour Skagway - Juneau but not from Juneau offering the same day trip.
I would need a ferry service that allows me to stop off in Haines for a night or 2 and then Skagway.
Any key boat tours offering wildlife viewing that operate around mid November or are they closed?

ANy other Alaskan towns worth seeing that the ferry services too and that is not exceptionally $$?

Which bus company do you reccomend into Whitehorse and how long is the journey?

Is Carecross town with an overnight stop and what is there to do here?

Once in Whitehorse, how much time should i spend here to take in the town and allow for some day trips or activities (like dog sledding, hiking) outside of town. I was looking at a week but if i could cut down even better.

I thank you in advance for any info, tips, pointers or general banter to aide me.


2. Posted by CheersT (Inactive 2578 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

My first thought would be that with 1,200 km separating the two locations and no car and not wanting to fly and with only 2 weeks and a tight budget don't try to do both. Pick one and explore it more fully.

Have fun no matter what you do.

Good luck.