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15 months or more?

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1. Posted by rtwmaria (First Time Poster 1 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!


So my fiance and I are getting married next year and then 6 months after we have decided to pack up and go on our very own rtw adventure.

We will have £50,000 and we will travel until we either run out of money or get fed up (hopefully not the latter).

The problem I'm finding is choosing where to go and when to go so that there is good weather. I literally want to chase the sun around the world and it seems that I also want to see too much of the world. If anyone can give me any advice then it would be appreciated.

My VERY basic plan is:
Oct 14 - Israel/Jordan
Nov 14 - Thailand
Dec 14 - Cambodia / Vietnam (where is good to spend Xmas/NY?)
Jan 15 - Indonesia
Feb 15 - Philippines
Mar 15 - Australia
Apr 15 - NZ
May 15 - Fiji
June - Aug 15 - USA Road trip
Sep - Nov - Central / South America
Dec - Home

Is this too much? Should we do more? I would love to see Japan too but given the weather there I just don't know where to fit it in. We don't want to be rush rush all the time. We plan to rent an RV in America for 3 months and a camper in NZ too...hopefully a mix of jumping from hostel to hostel and a semi-perm camper will help to keep a good balance.

Any ideas on budget? Is it enough? We know that we may need £6k for RV rental in America alone. We plan to stay in hostels but where we can get a private double. We're happy to eat street food but not all the time as we want to enjoy ourselves and we'll hopefully save money by cooking our own meals in the campers.

We love our holidays and have the travelling bug big time, been to a few places on our annual holidays but we now feel like we need to see the world before we settle down for any advice would be amazing :-)

2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1851 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I would spend more time in Thailand. A flight out to somewhere nice for a week and back again will solve the visa problem. Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, etc.

I would spend Xmas in Siem Reap. Lots of tourists there.

More time in Indonesia. It is a BIG place.

Less time in the Philippines. Not really much there. I would have picked China.

Maybe more time in Australia?

Get a car for New Zealand. Best way to see both islands.

A week would be ample for me in Fiji but others might say different.

Once you have decided you can get two Round The World tickets.

The only condition is that you travel in one direction. Side flights can be booked as extras. You can have overland sections, arriving at one airport and leaving at another, even in a different country. You can have open dates too, but remember flights do fill up so don't leave bookings too late.

I have spent some time on the roads in America and while there is lots to see, it can get boring. Globalization. Americans tend to fly anything more than a few hundred miles.

How are you going to manage your money? There are pre paid credit cards and the like. Pick pockets are a sad fact of life as is the fact that they prey on tourists who often have quite a bit of money on them as well as looking at the sights and sites and not at their valuables.

It helps to book accommodation in advance for even just a day or two so you can get sorted out in a new place without having to worry about it.

Consider a netbook. Light, not expensive these days and quite small, with 500GB hard disk and 6GB RAM. You can put endless holiday photos on them and if you take along a separate drive, small and light, you can burn DVD's. So many people lose treasured photos to viruses, etc and they are lost. I have over a thousand free books on mine, one a thousand free tunes, over a thousand free old radio shows, lots of free films, etc. It is a computer so can do all the things a computer can without the hassle of worrying about formats and buying from Amazon. And of course there is wifi.

Some might say take a tablet but you could drop a brick on my netbook and it would be OK. A small crack in the corner of a tablet and you throw it away.

An old traveller's cure. If you get diarrhoea, try a small spoon full of salt washed down by a sugary drink which will cure it most times. Also toothpaste is good on mosquito bites, as quick as possible and it may stop any swelling. Insect spray is good too in many places.

Do consider travel insurance. A year's policy is not that expensive if you shop around, and health care can be very expensive, especially in America. Note: If you plan on doing anything remotely dangerous, you must tell them or they will not pay out.