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1. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I teach English (reading, writing, speaking & listening). Here is an excellent list of techniques used in conversational terrorism.They are described in the first person for clarity of motive.

The examples are overblown in an attempt to be both clear and funny. Use your imagination to think of how you (perish the thought) and others have used these techniques in the past.

They have been grouped by major category, with the best (worst!) saved for last.

First, we have the Ad Hominem Variants where you attack the person as a way to avoid truth, science, or logic which might otherwise prove you wrong. Next are the Sleight of Mind Fallacies, which act as "mental magic" to make sure the unwanted subject disappears. Then, we move on to Delay Tactics, which are subtle means to buy time when put on the spot. Then, the ever popular Question as Opportunity ploys, where any question can be deftly averted. Finally, we have the Cheap Shot Tactics and Irritants, which are basically "below the belt" punches.

Follow this link if you want to read more:

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I'm prone to the old Sleight of Mind tactics myself

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Wocca, you're reminding me of a theology (or should I say "theology") class I took in university. We had to learn how all those arguments worked - and then write a term paper that avoided the use of any such arguments and instead stuck to debating only the topic at hand. We didn't touch a thing about theology per se, but it was an eye opener nonetheless.

Ad hominum arguments are so politcal - you hear politicians throwing those about left and right. Especially when it comes to connecting religion and politics together - but then, I'm broaching two taboo conversation subjects and will instead follow my own advice and end this post here.