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Hi lm Heather used to be a mod back in the day haven't been on TP for v long time but just popped in to check on few old faces... Haven't travelled in looooong time not abroad anyway been exploring uk though! Off to Cuba in 10 days and am sooo excited!! What's happening who is still here what is going on ! Xxx

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Purdyyyyyyy! Welcome back!

It's been business as usual here. Lots of old faces slowly fading away - and sometimes returning (even Isa! She popped back in beginning of the year, but didn't make a full return, alas); but still enough of the familiar faces around for this to continue feeling like home. And also quite a few new regulars, and the general level of advice remains very helpful. Some awesome new members giving really long and thoroughly useful answers around, to offset the ever increasing army of badly spelling members who "according to me" are almost certainly spammers, but we're not quite sure enough to ban them on first sight.

Cuba sounds great. Never been there myself yet, so can't offer any advice, but hope you'll have a great trip! Do pop back in more often sometimes!

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Hello new member how are you? welcome here:)

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Hey there H. New member, eh? You know, you bear a striking resemblance to someone we once knew here......many years ago, wandering through the Daams Dungeon of Doom in full pirate regalia swilling martinis......are you related by any chance?
I'm not allowed to go to Cuba as I was born American and must remain on the sidelines and view from Miami until full democratization and rehabilitation of the Cuban economy has been realized by JPMorgan Chase Bank of Full Democratization and Rehabilitation, LLC. ("We're in it for the money"). Until then, I can only wait and wonder.........

beerman, and by association, Isa

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Hello Everyone i am a new member. How are U all?

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Hi Heathe, happy for you have been in Cuba. We are going there from Jan 2nd to 10th with -snip- visiting Havana and Trinidad. They have organized 2 home stays nights in Trinidad but we are afraid, you know is our first time in the island. Is that safe to be staying with Cuban families? Did you do that? Know someone who say anything about it?
And what about bringing things back? They say art is the only thing that has no restrictions in US customs. Happy holidays. Henry.

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